"Sometimes the voices aren’t so bad, they can come in waves or not at all. But over time became comforting, even when fighting in constant fucking war it’s like having a family around you again. Like the annoying-ass kids I never had even though they’re just programmes. If they ever gotten taken away from me, I don’t know if I’d be able to handle the void of constant silence.”


A bunch of art from the multistream with Duck last night- pretty much an all-Rooster Teeth night. Lotsa fun. Drew Neo with a skin pigmentation thingy- vitiligo or piebaldism or something like that.

Sometimes Ryan sounds like a sad puppy who just wants someone to pet him and hug him

and other times Ryan sounds like a silver-tongued dragon casting a seduction spell and slowly draining your power so that he can use it as his own

Wow….I drew something.

SO, if you don’t know the show Invader Zim then go look it up right now. Seriously. It’s awesome. Anyways, the picture. I drew Ryan Haywood from Achievement Hunter in Invader Zim style. In case you were wondering, I feel like he would be a mix of Zim and Tak. He would have Tak’s smarts and know how mixed with Zim’s craziness, the PERFECT combination for an Irken invader.

I’m still working on it, this isn’t final. I’m also debating if I should send it to him. O.O