One Shot // Style

This one took a little longer than I thought. I wanted to use actual dates so I used days where both H & T disappeared from the public eye. Forreal. Thanks for the love, you guys are da best.

*sexual content*

Taylor was sitting in the studio one night by herself. She’d finished recording earlier in the day and everyone else had decided to head home. She stayed wanting to work out the chorus on a song. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get a scene from a couple of nights ago out of her head. She would start writing the chorus she was working on only to find she had stopped completely and zoned back in her mind. She turned to a blank page of her notebook and tried to write everything as she remembered. She hoped if she got it on paper, and out of her head, she wouldn’t be stuck on it anymore. Before she started writing she closed her eyes and fell back to the Thursday night, just a couple days before, when it had all happened. It was like a movie in her mind, no matter what happened she couldn’t let it go.


Taylor unlocked her front door and nearly tripped over the rise of the ledge on the bottom. She caught herself on a wall and rolled her eyes at her seemingly unending clumsiness. She already had bruises on her leg from falling earlier in the week and here she was doing the same thing again. Completely sober, both times, no less. She shook her head making her way through the house and flipping on lights as she went.

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anonymous asked:

even if i dont like haylor as a couple there is no way someone can deny those two can be aesthetically pleasing by looking fabulous as ever just from walking around. like they know how to match clothes i need tips

their styles are just simple and fucking expensive