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who do you think would die first in the Hunger Games? Who would win?

Probably Addison or Hayley. Little bitches would probably break a nail, stop to cry, then get stabbed by Kathrine because she would definitely win the good old fashioned way- by ruthlessly killing her enemies.

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If everyone here had a superpower, what would it be?

Here are some highlights from the list that would take 8 years to write for all 28 people

    • Riley- Fashion Ray - the ability to make anything stylish with her lazer-sharp gaze. Kriptonite= anything too ugly to be saved
    • Hayley - Pony Whip - The ability to fly by rotating her high pony tail at an alarmingly fast speed. Kriptonite = short hair
    • Darcy-Anne - Annoyance - Any time you don’t want to be bothered, she appears and annoys you. Kriptonite= anyone that actually shows interest in her being there
    • Madeline - Twin-telepathy- she can convince anyone to do anything by coping their mindset and fooling them into liking her. Kriptonite = smart people
    • Amber- Bitch Face- convinces anyone to do as she says in fear of being murdered. Kriptonite= other bitches

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Anyone you'd love to see fist fight?

I’d like to see the Kent twins fight it out, mostly because their high pitched squealing for make for the more adorable fist fight of all time.