Okay, real talk, Disney Channel has made a lot of “original movies”, and almost all of them sucked air with horrible acting, predictable plots, and stereotypical characters (especially the female ones, ugh). I often keep Disney channel on in the background while I’m playing video games to keep my brain busy and because it’s dorky-cute yet you can make fun of it, so I’ve seen pretty much every original movie they’ve made since 2009, and I can tell you that they actually managed to make one that was really, really, really good: Lemonade Mouth.

I’d love to see that one again. The acting was of major quality, the characters were relatable and realistic, and the plot overall was very memorable and meaningful. From the very first scene that Stella, a girl with short hair and a shirt that says Question Authority, walked into her first day at a high school and stood up for herself against the principal to make a difference I knew she was my daughter. Lemonade Mouth is revolutionary.


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