A drawing I did after getting a suggestion from my good friend nicknamed “Sna-san” X3 . Please do not mind the ug watermark. Domai! Thank you for understanding.~

Can't Turn Back The Hands Of Time

Inspired by Vim Sij Hawm Tig Tsis Tau Rov Qab by DeathRhyme

*This story is based off of true experience. I’m depressed right now, not even going to lie. Gawwwwwwwwwd.


Because time cannot turn back, I can’t change the way your heart looks at me anymore. I can’t make you love me like how you had in the past. I guess that saying that people change as time pass is true.

"What are we?"

"I don’t know. Friends? What else are we? Lol."

"Then can you tell me straight up that we’re just friends without saying ‘I don’t know’ and using question marks? Nothing more, nothing less, just friends."

Message seen 4:37pm


"I know you said that you’re scared to hurt me, but you are hurting me like this."

Message seen 4:52pm


"We’re just friends. Nothing more, nothing less. Friends are suppose to protect each other, not hurt each other."

"That’s all I wanted to hear."

Esther 8:16 translations

For the Jews there was radiant happiness and joyous honor.

en to ur:

یہودیوں کے لئے چمک دار مسرت اور خوشی کے اعزاز تھا ۔

ur to zh-CHS:


zh-CHS to fi:

Juutalaisia onnea ja iloa, säteilevä hänen kunniakseen.

fi to ar:

اليهود من السعادة والفرح، إشعاعاً تكريما لها.

ar to de:

Die Juden von Glück und Freude strahlend zu ihren Ehren.

de to ja:


ja to ht:

Bonheur ak kè kontan, nan maraton a lonè de tretman l’ ak pèp jwif la.

ht to mww:

Zoo siab uas muaj kev kaj siab, nyob hauv kev hawm txog nws tej kev kho mob thiab cov neeg Yudais.

mww to en:

Happy with joy, at the time of his or her health and the Jews.

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This is without a doubt the funniest fucking thing I’ve seen in cop shows since the hacking gears of war scene