Opening the Gate

Fero slid down a rooftop and landed with hawklike grace in the town street. An Agori approached, carrying ammunition for the blaster turrets; at the sight of a black-armored Bone Hunter, he stumbled over himself and screamed in fright. Wasting no time, Fero jabbed his sword between the Agori’s chest and shoulder and turned to leave. The body hit the ground before a single drop of blood did.

There was also the small matter of the elemental Glatorian chasing him. Fero heard Ackar hit the ground behind him, but paid him no heed. Landing will take the breath out of him for a moment… and his aim with his fire powers is still no good.

The town gate was ahead. He could see his raiders fighting at the gate, but the iron bars prevented them from entering and ravaging the town. It was time to bring it down. Fero kept his sword at the ready and quickened his pace.


Rea’-per (n.) - human-like creature. Nocturnal. Eyes glow. Source of energy: human spirit. Location: Unknown. Avoid at all costs.


By the time I was healed enough to walk around the compound safely again without the watchful – and hawklike – eyes of my brothers, it was already the beginning of Spring. They told me that it was…

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