Since Batman is already on his crusade, this opens doors for his sidekicks, and it’s time for Batgirl to regain the spotlight; Barbara is a strong enough character to carry her own film franchise, providing WB with another female protagonist. Can’t forget Nightwing, a fan-favorite from the moment of his birth; something about seeing Dick all grown up and running his own operations is just too encouraging. Batman failed some of his disciples in the past, but Grayson isn’t one of them, being the product of what Batman intended for his students to become. Supergirl ain’t the “girl version of Superman,” but entirely her own character, and has a strong connection to Krypton that Superman could never have. She could be DC's Captain America, being frozen after landing on Earth, then awaken to fight for justice. Deathstroke is a force to be reckoned with, and who doesn’t wanna see an eyepatch-wearing, sword-wielding, and gun-toting badass? A Slade movie can also lead to a highly demanded Teen Titans flick. With Cyborg on board, let’s throw in the rest of the gang. Dawn of Justice will make movie history as we see Superman and Batman at once, but they’ll be coming to blows with each other. Let’s have them as a duo of heroism for a World’s Finest film. Two other intriguing choices are Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Eternal lovers being reborn in different ages? Sounds way too fun to ignore. Kate Beckinsale gracing us with huge wings and an awesome mace? Yes, plz.

HAWKGIRL, by Dante Corvus.

A few weeks ago, friend Benito Cereno put out this challenge of an all-female, 7-member Justice League. When I did those “My 5 favorite X-Men” and “My 5 favorite Avengers” pieces a while ago I mentioned I probably wouldn’t do one for the Justice League because I didn’t think it would be that interesting, but I liked this twist. So, based on my initial picks, I used these as my warm-ups for the last few weeks. I can’t remember which order I did them in, but somewhere around Hawkgirl I just decided to do whatever I wanted design-wise instead of sticking to canon.