Justin Bartels: Impression  series, 2012

Photographer, Justin Bartels, examines the repercussions of poor self image and dressing to impress in his Impression series.The series focuses on the clothing that women think they should wear, or are told what to wear, to impress someone in a sexual manner. There is a physical mark that is left from these clothes, showing the discomfort women go through. When it comes to women, society is constantly trying sell them a “better You”, a more “beautiful You” that you can be happy with, as oppose to selling them self love and appreciation. Bartels incriminates not the women, but the practices of a society that fails to see that its actions leave a lasting impression.




So I’m freaking out…

My friend first introduced me to Gravity Falls so that I could get obsessed with it and go to the panel at Comic Con with her. This is back when there were only like 4 episodes out in 2012… So we went to the panel and it was AMAZING and they gave out these free posters and signed them for us and everything…

…so back to recent times,  I was sifting through my many posters and I came across this beauty again…. and what do I see on it? Bill Cipher stalking the mystery twins. Alex Hirsch drew freaking Bill Cipher on my poster… THIS IS BACK WHEN THERE WERE ONLY 4 EPISODES AIRED…. I’VE HAD A FREAKING SPOILER ON MY WALL FOR YEARS AND NEVER NOTICED TILL NOW WHAT IS THIS???

Lana Del Rey Unreleased Masterpost




1. Fordham Road


3.Money Hunny

4. Your Band Is All The Rage

Download 2006





1. Disco

2. Get Drunk

3. Jimmy Gnecco

4. Let My Hair Down (Dance Man)

5. The Man I Love

6. Trash Magic (Demo)

7. Trash Magic

8. White Pontiac Heaven

Download 2007






2. Axl Rose Husband

3.C U L8R Alligator

4. Come When You Call Me America

5. Come When You Call Me America (Version 2)

6. Elvis

7. Pin Up Galore

8. You’re Gonna Love Me

Download 2008





1. All Smiles

2. Daytona Meth

3. Motel 6

4. Party Girl

5. Put Your Lips Together

6. Stop Lite De-Lite

7. Baby Blue Love

8. Betty Boop Boop

9. Boarding School

10. Catch And Release

11. Catch And Release (Version 2)

12. Crooked Cop

13. Every Man Gets His Wish

14. Greenwich

15. Hawaiian Tropic

16. Heartshaped Chevrolet

17. Heavy Hitter

18. Heavy Hitter (Version 2)

19. Hundred Dollar Bill (Demo Version)

20. Hundred Dollar Bill

21. Live Forever (Golden Grill)

22. Live Forever (Nyceboy Remix)

23. Maha Maha

24. Moije Joue

25. Motel 6 (Acapella Demo)

26. Motel 6 (Acoustic Demo)

27. Oooh Baby

28. So Legit

29. Strange Love

Download 2009





1. Afraid

2. Backfire

3. Behind Closed Doors (Version 1)

4. Behind Closed Doors (Version 2)

5. Break My Fall

6. Breaking My Heart

7. Butterflies Pt. 1

8. Children of the Bad Revolution

9. Criminals Run The World

10. Daddy Issues

11. Dangerous Girl (Acapella Demo)

12. Dangerous Girl

13. Delicious

14. Driving In Cars With Boys (Demo)

15. Driving In Cars With Boys

16. Dum Dum (Version 1)

17. Dum Dum (Version 2)

18. Dum Dum (Version 3)

19. Dynamite

20. Go Go Dancer

21. Hit And Run

22. Hit And Run (Version 2)

23. I Was In A Bad Way

24. In the Sun

25. Is It Wrong?

26. Jealous Girl

27. Kinda Outta Luck

28. Lift Your Eyes

29. Making Out (Version 1)

30. Making Out (Vesion 2)

31. Match Made In Heaven

32. Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight

33. Midnite Dancer Girlfriend

34. My Best Days

35. Noir

36. On Our Way (Acoustic Demo)

37. On Our Way

38. Playing Dangerous

39. Prom Song (Gone Wrong)

40. Push Me Down

41. Put The Radio On

42. Scarface

43. She’s Not Me

44. St. Tropez

45. Summer Of Sam

46. Television Heaven

47. Tired Of Singing The Blues

48. True Love On The Side

49. Us Against The World

50. Velvet Crowbar

51. You Can Be The Boss

Download 2010





1. Back to the Basics

2. Beautiful Player

3. Big Bad Wolf

4. Big Bad Wolf (Demo)

5. Butterflies Pt. 2

6. Coca Cola (Television Heaven Acapella Demo)

7. Damn You

8. Fake Diamond

9. Gangsta Boy

10. Ghetto Baby

11. Hollywood’s Dead

12. Hot Hot Hot

13. Last Girl On Earth

14. Live Or Die

15. Living Without You

16. Marilyn Monroe

17. Never Let Me Go

18. Paradise

19. Playground

20. Queen Of Disaster

21. Serial Killer

22. Paris

23. TV In Black And White

24. You And Me

Download 2011





1. Angels Forever

2. Hollywood

3. I Don’t Wanna Go

4. JFK

5. Starry Eyed

6. Because Of You

Download 2012

ouyangdan asked:

I am equal opportunity: Top Five Bishop Moments of 2014


1) dancing to get lucky after saving the world



2) typing badly (typing like me)



3) kate bishop is about as bad at cat-sitting as i am



4) kate bishop burning down madame masque’s building, YEAH



5) kate bishop being colossally let down by someone she trusted and looked up to, and wondering why she did anything, why she even tried to do the right thing in the first place:


… and then immediately following that up by doing what she has to do to save her friend, and calling her dad to tell him WHAT’S. GOING. TO. GO. DOWN. man, this page:



man this is a mix of “kate bishop is hopeless in ways that i am also hopeless” and “kate bishop is amazing in ways that i am not” so i am basically rubbish kate bishop right???