One of the many things Clint keeps secret is the fact that he is actually a mutant, not a baseline human. Surprisingly, his mutation has nothing to do with archery or his eyesight or his reflexes or anything like that.

Clint has a very unique and mild form of clairvoyance. Sometimes, on missions or in real life, he will get ‘flashes’ where he can ‘find’ people he concentrates on or just small indicators of how to best approach and interact with people, no matter their mood or temperament.

That’s why he and Natasha are so close; he just knows when she needs to let out some internal stuff or when she is unapproachable.

don’t think about clint barton holding a baby

don’t think about clint barton holding a baby

don’t think about clint barton holding HIS baby

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top 6 headcanons about Clint and Natasha?


  • natasha and clint are both coffee drinkers. neither of them can start the day out without consuming at least one cup of coffee, but whenever natasha doesn’t feel well, she prefers hot green tea. she’s never mentioned this to clint, but she’s never had to. he’s paid attention to what she likes and what she doesn’t because it’s a part of his training and a result of his feelings for her. he knows that she likes hot green tea when she’s feeling under the weather, so he always makes it for her without her having to ever ask him to.
  • every time natasha goes to the grocery store, she automatically picks up two packs of hearing aid batteries for clint because he’s always misplacing them or running out of them.
  • whenever clint is on a mission without natasha, she sometimes falls asleep on his side of the bed on nights that she particularly misses him.
  • they don’t make a big deal out of anniversaries, but they both keep track of the important ones. natasha will never forget the day she first received her SHIELD badge, nor will she ever forget the day that she and clint were first referred to as STRIKE team: delta.
  • neither of them had good childhoods, so they missed out on having fun celebrating holidays. at first they would decorate their apartment for holidays just to be ironic, but then they started actually enjoying it. they don’t go too overboard with decorating because they don’t want to put too much personal thought into the decorations themselves, but they do decorate. natasha likes halloween because dressing up like someone else has always been her speciality, and clint likes christmas because he gets to watch corny christmas movies. natasha’s name also means “christmas,” so he always thinks of her.
  • natasha gives clint shit over his old flannels, but she loves them every bit as much as he does.

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Clintasha baby fics! PLEASE DO IT. Just one. I haven't read a Clintasha baby fic in AGES I AM HAVING A WITHDRAWAL

i usually don’t write out prompts, and i never write baby fics, but i’m in a rare mood tonight, so i’ll write out a short prompt just because i compromised myself by thinking about clint holding a baby oh god ok here i go.

The first time Clint holds his baby, he stops breathing. He’s never really interacted much with little babies like the one in his arms before—sure, he’s watched Simone’s kids, and he’s gently roughhoused around with them before today, but this is an actual baby that he’s holding. And it’s not even just a baby, this is his babyThis is a baby that he and Natasha created, and he’s not sure he’s ever loved anything so fiercely before.

He looks up and over at Natasha with alarmed, emotional eyes that he usually doesn’t let anyone aside from her see. Exhausted, she’s lying back against her hospital bed, and her cheeks are almost as red and as sweaty as her hair is in this moment, but she’s watching him intently.

"Jesus—" He can’t get much more out without stopping himself. If he keeps talking, he doesn’t know what he’ll say. He and Natasha have never been particularly good with words, anyway.

"She’s healthy. She’s perfect," Natasha says breathlessly, her own voice catching in the back of her throat. "She’s really, really perfect."

Clint looks back down at the tiny little girl in his arms, the tiny little girl who he had a part in making, and he lets out a quiet laugh because that’s the only sound he can really muster up at this moment in time. “Yeah. She’s perfect.”

"I was going to suggest Hydra for a girl, but I feel like the joke falls a little flat now that she’s here," Natasha replies with a smile that’s just the slightest bit tearful.

"You’re not funny," Clint answers, but he can’t stop smiling. For all he cares, Natasha could suggest naming their little girl Tony Stark, and he wouldn’t be able to get this grin off his face.  As he studies his daughter’s face, his chest tightens up with an intense swell of emotion he’s only ever felt for Natasha. He wants to protect this little girl. He wants to give her a safe world to live in. He wants to avenge every possible bad thing that could happen to her in the future but hasn’t yet.

But he doesn’t do that. Not yet. There will always be plenty of time to avenge. Instead, he stands up and passes his daughter to Natasha, and he sits back down in his chair, watching the two women he loves more than anything interact in a way he’ll never be able to replay again. Tonight, he’s not an Avenger. He’s not an agent of SHIELD. He’s not even Hawkeye. Tonight, he’s a father.