the signs and things/people you shouldn’t trust

Aries: the mail man

Taurus: ur stuffed animal

Gemini: other Gemini’s

Cancer: bald men

Leo: baby humans

Virgo: maRIO KART

Libra: mini vans

Scorpio: squishy grapes

Sagittarius: Aries

Capricorn: Hawaiian shirts 

Aquarius: guys named connor, ever meet a guy named connor? run.

Pisces: people with brightly colored shoelaces


EPISODE 46 SUPPLEMENT: The Legend of the Hawaiian Slammers

Slammers of Darkness / Slammers of Light / When they come together they fight-fight-fight! / Hawaiian Slammers! Hawaiian Slam-Slam-Slammers / They strike like hammers! / Hawaiian Slam-Slam-Slammers

I followed a page cuz I thought it was of hot Hawaiian guys but it was gay Hawaiian porn I had no idea scrolling down my feed like “what did I get myself into”