5.17 - The State of The Williams

Stake Out Scene 1 - Fully, professionally dressed

Stake Out Scene 2 - Danny’s shirt unbuttoned at the top third, half untucked, tank top showing through the top already

Stake Out Scene 3/4 - Shirt unbuttoned at the top and bottom, either fully unbuttoned or just one in the middle (again like the boat episode), fully untucked from his pants, undershirt totally fully visible now

Stake Out Scene 5 - Button-up entirely gone, for skin tight tank, laying on the couch next to Steve sleeping

…. I applaud your strength, Steve. 

hawaii five 0

Still in season 3 but finishing… woo! Honestly I haven’t liked this season too much. 

Not enough Steve/Danny, and when there is, it’s mostly Danny arguing (and being too negative — he wasn’t like that in the previous two so wtf?).

 I like Catherine, just don’t like her as Steve’s “something something” and I definitely do not like Doris. At fucking all. 

So, since I’m on s03e19 I need to know episodes where Danny is a complete BAMF, reverts back to being his usual previous seasons self and all those good episodes with McDanno goodness all over them. 

Please and thank you for the answers.


Lol look at the Goku Cosplayer! Now that’s a type of guy that a Lucy cosplayer or women should pay attention too! That’s a real detailed and nice body! Even though he’s not bug but, that’s how real men should be like! Being a big and tall guy makes the person feel intimidated and well that’s like a different outcome! No one like angry buff guys who used Steroids and try to think they are an incredible hulk!

Also, I took a picture of a game and I was playing as Dante from Devil may cry and I won against this other gamer who was really good and he has beaten me twice! This was the result in Playstation all star battle Royale!

Anyhow my third day highlight of kawaii-kon

Goodbye and mahalo Aloha in Kawaiikon 2015! Mahalo a nui loa nui aka! Yes, I’m learning hawaiian slowly and I may move to Hawaii next year maybe I’ll get a job in Ca and hopefully a good private property in Kahului, Hawaii!

  • Teacher:so what did everyone do over spring break?
  • Student A:I went to Florida!
  • Student B:I went to California!
  • Student C:I went to Mexico!
  • Student D:I hung out with my friends all break!
  • Me:I started a new show and finished all the seasons on Netflix
The Shipping Dream
  • I’m hoping for a day in television where people can ship characters regardless of their genders, and the likelihood of them getting together is just as possible as a heterosexual relationship.