lywen said:

Can I just say that I love how you guys have a tumblr? Because I do. So much. I haven't really seen another game company utilize it as you guys have done, and it's great how you highlight things that the community makes here. So keep on being awesome, k? <3

We get a lot of messages like these, and we just wanted to take the time to publicly say THANK YOU. You guys are seriously so, so awesome — You’re the number 1 reason this tumblr exists.

Thank you for playing the game. Thank you for making awesome fan works and being active in the community. And thanks for sending us questions and messages and encouraging words that continue to brighten our day every time we read them.

Although I’m not a widow, you’ve helped me realize it’s OK to tear up in the cheese aisle of the grocery store where I drove my late Grampy for groceries every week. And it’s also OK to cry when I see a van from the company where my father-in-law worked and be sad that he’ll never meet his future grandchildren. (He passed away Sept. 28 of cancer at age 58.) You have showed me that it’s OK to have a moment in public and the hell with anyone who stares.
—  — Jessica, New York (jessicow1)
My douchey rant to one person

I think it’s hella funny how you were at one point pro-violence in a sense but after I was in your life all of a sudden you’re claiming to be about peace and love but you’re really not about that life and I can tell even when we converse to this day. Tye-dying your articles of clothing doesn’t mean $hit. The internet might believe it but I don’t believe it and neither do you. They say imitation is the best form of flattery but F that bc it’s not real.  I call bullp00p!