“Lucas Bryant’s portrayal of Duke Crocker in Bryant’s own body, however, stole the show. He had Eric Balfour’s mannerisms down pat. From the way he pursed his lips and raised his eyebrows, to the slightly slack opening of his mouth when he was at a loss for words and the jittery way Duke can prance around when agitated — it was all golden.” (x)

Haven s05e06 The Old Switcheroo Part 2

WWE Superstar Christian (Jay Reso), will reunite with his lifelong friend and former tag team partner WWE Hall of Famer Edge (Adam Copeland), for a recurring guest arc on Syfy’s fan-favorite series “Haven,” which airs Fridays at 7 p.m. ET/PT. Christian will appear in an all-new episode airing Nov. 28, and will reprise the role for two additional episodes airing later in 2015.

Life imitates art with Christian portraying McHugh, one of Dwight’s (Edge) oldest and closest friends.  McHugh is smart, with ice water for blood, hammers for fists and a dogged sense of loyalty. McHugh and Dwight served as Army Rangers together, as well as members of The Guard. But McHugh left this life for a simpler one, determined to remain out of the line of fire. Dwight knows he could use the help of his fierce friend, but respects McHugh’s desire to live under the radar.

When Dwight finds himself in a romantic conundrum in the episode “Chemistry,” McHugh is the first one Dwight turns to. McHugh counsels Dwight through the challenge, while also considering joining forces with his old friend to once again defend the town of Haven, Maine.


Haven has been really suffering these past two weeks. This is due to the new time slot it was put into. It had a lot of competition. However, last week before episode 4 aired it was announced that starting this week Haven has now moved back to Fridays! It’s now on at 7/6C. 

I know it’s really early in the evening and it’s not even in primetime, but not only do we need to spread the word about the change, we have to get our viewership back up! This new time slot could potentially be a good thing if we make it one! So here’s where you guys can come in and help.

Make your own posts about the change! Post it on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter- everywhere where you know fans may see it.

Create as many posts as you’d like- the goal is to makes sure that fans are aware of the change and are more apt to try and tune in live!  If you can’t watch it live, DVR the episode and livetweet #Haven5 during the airing of the episode. 

Remember, U.S. Citizens, our views and ratings are what the networks are looking at- not other countries. So it is extremely important that you watch it live if you can!

For international fans who would like to join us and livetweet, make sure to use an IP proxy for your tweets to help increase our chances of trending!

So remember, Haven has moved back to Fridays and is now on at 7/6C!

Please spread the word- everyone NEEDS to know about the move and the new time it’s airing.

Let’s try to get as many Havenites to watch live this Friday as possible!