why do people make fun of fangirls/fanboys?

There is nothing more beautiful than supporting what you love.

the sleepless nights, the voting, the teaser worshiping, the photo edits, the fan art, the feels,the crying, the feels, the laughing, the feels, the airport fashion, learning a new language, fighting the time difference, supporting their other activities,

its more than worth it. we do it because we love them.

When i found out that SHINee was having a comeback,

Finals got less stressful, life was good, I smiled, and the feeling in my heart… in all of Shawols hearts, that feeling is real. 

They work so hard. so. fucking. hard. they have their internal struggles. and i can feel their uncertainty, like when you haven’t seen your friend in two years and you wonder if they’ve changed, but you still want to meet them. even though your scared as shit, you still miss them. Jong and Tae’s words, Onew’s tears, break my heart.

we are still here. we are still strong.

We go crazy because its the only way to give back to them. I want them to smile. knowing that Shawol will always be here for them. 

Lets do what we do best Shawol! I love you all! <3