“Stop it, you dicks. I will cut you.”
-Me, (serious about the former but not the latter) anytime anyone yanks a blanket off of me or pulls the pillow out from under my head.

Those born in the late 70s and early 80s were the last group to have a childhood devoid of all the technology that makes childhood and adolescence today pretty much the worst thing imaginable.  We were the last gasp of a time before sexting, Facebook shaming, and constant communication.

The Oregon Trail Generation: Life Before and After Mainstream Tech - Social Media Week

Honestly I’m more thankful for this every time I think about it. Having LiveJournal drama in my late teens was bad enough.

my mom said she’d get me things when she can for my phil collection

i’ve never actually had a collection go anywhere before, i usually just had like one or two things when i’d try to start one and they just sat there and i never got anything to add to it

and then i lost interest and it just died

or it never lived in the first place

but i feel like phil will be my favorite thing for the rest of my life and i am excited

even if i stop listening to his music and i stop making gifs of him, i will never get over how great he is and he will still be my favorite and he will be the first one i think of when anyone asks what my favorite band or artist or actor or person is, even if i’m obsessed with somebody/something else at the time

my phil things will never leave my shelves/walls

no i’m definitely not watching the 90s casper cartoon what could possibly make you think that why would i ever spend my time in such an embarrassing way it’s not like watching shitty childrens cartoons is almost a regular part of my character or anything you’re ridiculous


“… I’m the evil twin …”

Beach selfie of some sort. I had fun doing this between works, reaally wanted to draw Jenny ever since I saw her and from there on more and more =)

Secondary SU chars also deserve all the love ~ ♥

Previous SU Fanart


What else is cute besides simple family moments? Daily routines! In this case the morning routine at the Sato house! Apparently Korra still thinks that mornings are evil, and it seems Tikaani thinks the same. I wonder if this is a Water Tribe thing… Meanwhile, Asami is multitasking like a pro!

There are two new additions to the family! Two Naga pups! I blame several awesome artists for this! XD

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Legend of Korra © Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko

Something I just noticed

At the end of A New Hope where Han and Luke get their medals, Luke’s clothes are different from what he was wearing before, obviously. Now, considering he’d not exactly had the chance to bring a change of clothes WITH him, it can be safely assumed that he’s borrowing clothes from other people, maybe Wedge, or other members of the soon-to-be-formed Rogue Squadron.

But his pants have got second class bloodstripes on them. So like, originally I thought maybe those were awarded to him for acts of valor, but then I realized that they’re something only the Corellian government can give and it’s only given to Corellians (I’m pretty sure? Corellians have a weirdly exclusive culture as far as I’ve read/seen/heard), and thus far we only know one character who has both first and second class bloodstripes.

So I mean I’m not saying that Luke totally borrowed Han’s pants for the ceremony

But Luke totally borrowed Han’s pants for the ceremony

I mean, listen, who knows, probably no time soon. And um, there’s a wonderful american expression.. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” [..] Yeah, um, no time soon. Sorry to disappoint. As lovely as a sentiment as that is, and I appreciate you asking me this, it’s definitely not.. I’m just trying to get my heels and my make-up for now, one thing at a time, you know?
—  Darren when asked about bringing a curly haired baby to this world (Gleek Reunion meeting room)