Okay so locally we have a radio station in which mostly old people control and old people listen to. Particularly homophobic, racist old people.
We have an elementary school in one town thinking about adding some sort of LGBT+ education within the school. Obviously the old people who listened to that radio station were not pleased. not at all.

A caller starts the conversation about it and how “everyone is afraid to talk about it, and this man who calls regularly keeps mentioning that hes gay. I do not think this is okay and we have to do something about this and hes the only one who does this.We should teach christianity in schools again. and definitely not LGBT.”
Another call comes in. “Hello I am listening to this conversation about this LGBT education.. And not to mention this is for 6 year olds(elementary is 6-16)..
How are they going to go about teaching this? Will there be visual demonstration? Is it going to be practical training?”
Radio station guy says “Children at the age of six have nothing to do with learning about-”
Caller goes again: “Are six year olds learning how babies are made? In this one kindergarden there was a boy. He liked to wear a skirt. and nobody cared and the other kids didnt think much about it and he just wore his skirt. How are they going to teach this? are they going to show them? teach them? touch them? Out with this and in with christianity”

I would like to mention that the radio guy is against this LGBT education as well and seems to be just as misinformed as the callers are.

Radio guy mentioned that 11 people have agreed to the LGBT education being taught in elementary.

Another Call comes in: “ This is like child pornography.”
Radio guy mentioned:” Isnt this just crazy?”
caller says “Yes its disgusting.”

The person who got the idea of LGBT education in elementary is the youngest person in the committee and its a 19 year old girl.

next caller: Are they going to show them how they have sex? I would jsut ask this 19 year old girl if theyre going to do that? I just think she should show how she and her lesbian have sex in front of the kids. Thats real and then the children will be disgusted. If this 19 year old girl can come up with something like this then the police should be talking to her”
Radio guy:” Yes but 11 representatives have agreed to this.”
Caller:” Are all of them gays? what is this I just want to send a message to this 19 year old girl. Is she going to show the kids how she has sex? How is she going to teach them this? This is what shes going to teach them and then she has to show them. And would anyone let her start touching(sexually) the children? I think they should go back to teaching about christianity. And I think many had fun reading that.” (no lady. everybody hated christianity classes I assure you)

Heres a cute bunny to calm your mind. this thing seems to anger lots of people.

And continuing.
 next caller:” I have seen lesbians having sex on TV and I almost puked. This is just pornography. I find this disgusting. I think she is confusing christian children”
Radio guy:” Why is everybody so happy with this? I dont understand there is no real good reason for why they should be teaching this. They shouldnt be teaching this in elementary wether the kid is 6, 8 or 10 years old”
next call comes in:” I think the people in said town are just going mad. This is the most ridiculus thing I have hear”
next caller:” They can just be isolated there in that town. I hope they dovt come to our airport. We should be free like gay men and lesbians. We shouldnt have to listen to this kind of bullshit.”

So yeah. As you can see above the stupidity is so high that this is the perfect time to say “please dont talk youll lower the IQ of the entire street”.
What is with people thinking being gay equals being a pedophile?
And why on earth would there be VISUAL DEMOnSTRATIOn? what the fuck people what the actual fuck. what kind of education did you people get?
This makes me worry. Did these people recieve education with “visual demonstration” :s
And it saddened me quite alot that the radio guy was on the same side :/
I think that from this information they should start the LGBT education by having it on that particular radio station. So that these old people may stop worrying about pedophiles touching the kids and doing “visual demonstration”.
Someone needs to tell them that its indeed not how the education works so that they can calm down and learn something.
I thought I would listen to the comments they made and get angry but honestly I laughed quite a few times because this sounds so utterly ridiculus. How can you no only be so completely ignorant and have such lack of knowledge that you fill in the lackness with some weird shit about visual demonstration. 
Also we stopped teaching christianity at schools because people realized they were shoving christianity down peoples throat and decided to have something that teaches religion instead with islam, buddha and such included. 

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"They’ll bust your kneecaps."


“Nonsense. They are just children,” he protests with a shake of his head. “I know my cousin would teach them better.” He can’t imagine his niece and nephew participating in kicking people’s shin. They are good kids. Of course he did not have the same faith for Naruto, however to mention in front of his mother was a death sentence. 

“I can handle them,” he assures.

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As I have mentioned, I am not after her looks. I am after her personality. I'm just trying to shed light to your narrow minded thinking. Because she is such a bad example to all the teenage kids out there. Regardless of all your arguments, I am entitled to mine as you are to yours.

You can’t know exactly what is her personality. You don’t know her. You judge her personality from her looks. Sorry but you do. Imo parents are these who should bring up children and teach them how to behave. Kylie’s famous but she has never told she wants to be a role model. She is herself. If you like that okay If you don’t it’s your opinion. I don’t like to argue and this has no sense so relax ANON or go express your emotions on other blogs, bye

Settling in

It’s going to be two months since I started this journey by the end of the week. In a way, time has flown by. Then again, I feel like I’ve been here for ages, like I was meant to be here. I’ve been teaching for almost a month. The children are truly a joy. I always knew that this is what I wanted to do with my life. It is more fulfilling than I could have imagined. The children are the light of my life. Teaching will forevermore be the profession that has my heart. And to think that it will always come back to this amazing, life altering experience in Thailand. 

I have mentioned many times by now that I have had the chance to meet some amazing people. That the people I live with could not be more hospitable and friendly. This has helped me adjust immensely to being on the other side of the world from everything that I have ever known. They provide comfort and a sense of security when I’m scared, or I feel weak. Which does happen, of course. 

Being away from home has not been as hard as I thought it would be. After all, I know I will be back. I know that my family will always be my family, whether they like it or not. I know I have some of the most solid friendships a person could wish for back home. Those people will always be there for me. Finally, I know I have someone who loves me deeply waiting for me. This is a blessing and a curse. I draw more strength from the idea of coming home to start a life with this person than any other single thing. At the same time, it causes me more pain than anything else to know that I can’t be with him, and that he’s also missing me terribly. There are moments in which I despair. Everything that could go wrong is constantly lurking in the back of my mind, and sometimes at the end of a long day when all I want to do is be with the person that I love most, these things come to the surface and cause doubts. But then I get up, and I go to school the next day, and I see the beautiful country around me, an the smiling people. I go to class and I see my students, their little faces sometimes excited and sometimes not so. And I remember that I am living my dream. That anything else would be wrong. I am doing exactly what it is I set out to do, and I will follow my dream to the end. 

After two short months I can feel myself growing and changing into an adult that I never thought I wanted to be. That I never thought I would be. I can already say that I will not return home the same person I was when I left. And I am incredibly proud of it, and in constant awe of the process.

I've got Goals - TW numbers mentioned

My ultimate goal is to model healthy eating and fitness habits for my children. This will be displayed in the following ways:

1. Maintain my current weight of 117.5lbs. I have lost dramatic amounts of weight in the past few months and I am a firm believer that I don’t need to gain weight to be healthy. I feel that with proper eating and exercise, I can safely maintain my weight and live a healthy life

2. Eat dinner with my children every evening and some form of breakfast every morning. The best way to teach my children healthy eating is to show them healthy eating. I love cooking and baking so there is no food shortage in this home. Barriers to this goal include: not a lot of extra time and my son has several food allergies so there’s no way I can follow a standard eating plan while meeting his needs.

3. Take my children on walks 2-3 times a week, weather permitting. I hate going outside. I don’t like going anywhere. But I need to show my kids that exercise can be leisurely. I want them to be involved in the experience even if they are just along for the ride.

4. Calorie goal: around 1000 during the work week and around 1200 on weekends. I’m setting this “low” because I’m coming off of having days of not eating and eating an average of 450 calories a day. If I set the goal too high, I will be overwhelmed and quit. I have to track my intake for my ed appointments anyways because they want to see what I’m eating and they want to monitor my calorie intake. Some schools of thought argue this is counterproductive. For my recovery, I argue this is necessary and the best way to set and measure progress.

Here’s to my quest! *cheers*

Off to a Good Start

Classes have officially started for me, and so far they’re pretty great!

I’m much busier this year, especially at Kasumi. They’ve literally doubled my class load, but I’m loving it! And I’ve already gotten a few interesting comments from students. For example, after I finished my self introduction presentation, one student raised his hand and asked “Which do you prefer, brother or sister?”

The next day one of the boys I’ve been teaching since last year mentioned that he saw me near the beach wearing an orange jacket during spring break. I didn’t recall going near the beach, but my house is close to it so I figured it was possible. Then he said that he had seen me with my girlfriend and a baby carriage. At this point I realized he was definitely not talking about me, and I told him it must have been someone else. He repeatedly insisted that it had been me, prompting a different boy to exclaim, “secret children?” Now the class is convinced I have a girlfriend and a secret child.

Next it was back to Kasumi where I started teaching the third grade ocean course students. Since they’re enrolled in Kasumi’s special ocean course, they don’t focus on or tend to care as much about traditional subjects like English. That said, they were great students. Before I even started my self introduction Ando asked them if they knew my name, and someone shouted out “JIBANYAN!” We also had extra time at the end of the class, so Ando asked me to play my favorite song for the students. I gave him a confused look, not sure if he was really asking what I thought he was asking.

He was. I got to play Clarity for 2 classrooms full of students. My job has peaked.

I’ve also been bonding well with the new staff members. Today I finally met the new Hamasaka principal, because he suddenly came and sat next to me, saying he had an English question. He then proceeded to write “He has been dead for 3 years. It has been 3 years since he died. 3 years have passed since he died. He died 3 years ago.” Next, in absolutely perfect English, he started asking about the differences between the sentences. In the course of about 3 minutes he had drawn timelines, explained singular and plural words, and just generally destroyed what I thought I knew about English. If he was testing me, I failed.

I was also starting a drawing of Jibanyan at my desk when he came by, so that might not have been so good.

Can’t fire me though, I look the best in the Santa costume!