Me First & The Gimme Gimmes - "Have Another Ball"

Hey! What did I tell you?!  You see a Me First & The Gimme Gimmes album you buy it!  Especially if it’s the sequel to their popular first record.  I purchased this in the used bin at Shake-It Records when it was sitting right next to their first album. This album serves as a “A-Sides” album with songs released earlier on 7" near the start of the band. I love their take on “Rich Girl”, “Country Roads”, “Only The Good Die Young”, and “Harder They Come”.  Most of the songs are by artists that were covered on Have A Ball, which is probably where the sequel title came to mind.  Sequels tend to disappoint but it’s hard to say anything against The Gimme Gimmes.

Well looks like Bud doesn’t appreciate me trying to switch him back to rats. He went from months of consistent and vigorous eating to not wanting anything to do with food the moment I introduced a rat. He won’t even take a mouse if I offer it. It’s been 5 weeks, with 3 offers, and he’s currently at 1386 grams.

ok, that was REALLY FUN

never have so many toilet and nudity jokes been used in such an innocent way

people carry around pocket motor bikes yes please

goku is a ray of sunshine, his little observations and questions and his total innocence is so goddamn likable.

bulma is so manipulative and self centred but i can never stay mad at her because her first instinct is to shoot the hell out of whatever she just crashed her car into. what a gung ho babe.

why so many urine jokes though wow

declan-rhodes asked:

Dear boyfriend

Dear boyfriend,

Hey there.. Haha.

There are so many words I have for you. I feel the need to tell you how truly amazing you and there are things I want to confess. I’m not sure where to start so I’ll let the pen guide me.

You are truly the best man alive and I wish your father could have seen who you became. I wish I could have seen who you became and I bless my life everyday that we were able to get to this point again. I don’t think I let myself realize how badly I missed you until I saw you again.

We have another ball coming up and this time that aching empty feeling in my stomach won’t be there. Instead we’ll have a tiny baby bump that will be with us. I can’t wait to dance with you and flaunt off the baby to everyone here. I’m not worried on how people will react. Cosmo told me once that our relationship is between us. If we are happy, our true friends should be happy for us and I’m ready to scream this to the world.

I’m more damaged than I let off but I think you know it and I’m sure you will know it more when I move in with you whether your house wins or not. For once I kind of hope Wallkill loses so that I can move in. Don’t get too cocky, I’m still not sure on marriage.

Maybe I should tell you why marriage scares me. I’m obviously not good at it and all I’ve known is how my parents were and it’s pretty bad. I am worried on the kind of mother I’ll be too. What if I’m just as bad as a mother like I was a wife? Ugh, I know. How dare I say that?

You have been the only one to completely believe in me and your love gives me confidence. Your love was the reason I didn’t completely cave into my father’s demands. You are my strength. And I can only wish that I am yours.

I can’t imagine my life without you. I don’t even want to. I had to live without you for a while and I think my life would be worse if you never found me. You literally found me when no one else was looking and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing that feels.

There is also one thing I want to tell you that I’ve been to scared to say out loud and I’ll give you this when I know it’s the right time to but here it is.


Yes, I would love to be your wife.. again.



liveforot5 asked:

yessss my dad's just worried about the money because i have two jobs this summer and he's like "i don't want you losing money" also he's upset about the price of the tickets which is you know like 100 for good floor tickets but really that's not too bad. idk i just hope he lets me go. also we might get another dog which in a way i'm upset about because I just want Buck back but in another way it'll be nice to have that furry company again because it just sucks I miss him so much

well i really hope you get to go, you sound super excited about it. and about Buck, trust me, getting another dog was probably the best decision my family ever made. it really does help the healing process when you have another little fur ball to worry about. before you know it you’ll be feeling better, so don’t worry yourself too much about it. everything will be okay in the end<333

MadeByMaebhe: Terrarium or Fairy Garden

MadeByMaebhe: Terrarium or Fairy Garden

So as seems to be the course of my life at present – I have been sent another curve ball, although this one is a little more positive, I got a new job – not exactly where i want to be career-wise yet. Its a nice progression but it has been an adjustment and the cause of my most recent leave if absence.

However during this down time i have discovered a new love….Gardening. It has been fun to get a…

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