The Sun - 24-April-2015

LOUIS Tomlinson took a girl to his hotel bedroom for six hours after passing round joints at a late-night party.

Details of the One Direction star’s night emerged after The Sun told yesterday how he left a club with five girls and was later filmed rolling spliffs.

Newly-single Louis, 23, gave a thumbs up as he returned to London’s Soho Hotel at 4.30am on Thursday with six pals, including the girl with long hair.

The group sat up for 90 minutes at his two-floor suite before Louis and the girl headed to the room.

He emerged at noon and booked her a taxi home.

A source said: “Louis was having a great time at Cirque le Soir. After the club shut they stayed behind drinking vodka.

“He had met four girls on the night. A fifth seemed to already know him and stuck by him. He was very protective of her.

“It was very chilled at the hotel. Louis was rolling up joints and passing them to people. He seemed to know what he was doing.

“He was mainly with the one girl at this point and at 6am they went to one of the rooms.

“At noon he got the girl a taxi but the others had to make their own way home.

“She definitely seemed more important to him. They were very cosy together. He kept her apart from the other girls and his security looked out for her.”

Others in the group included pal Calvin Rodgers, model Siovhan Tan and clubbers Jacqueline Slavik and Jess Cowden.

Louis split from university graduate Eleanor Calder last month. Soon after he was pictured kissing US student Lucy Julian in a Bangkok hotel.

It comes less than a year after Louis was filmed on a One Direction tour bus apparently smoking cannabis with ex-bandmate Zayn Malik.



“He doesn’t have to prove anything to us. He’s been doing that night after night for us in the regular season and playoffs. He’s done a great job for us for a long time. He was great; we could have easily gotten that one.”

– Sidney Crosby

“Every game he’s played, he gave us a chance to win." 

– David Perron 

“Flower has been really solid the last few years. He’s just a focused guy who gives us a chance to win every night. Every night we have one goalie, and he’s picking up everybody and carrying us.” 

– Kris Letang

"Fleury really hung in there for us and gave us a chance every game especially Friday. Whenever we had a breakdown he was there for us. He was exceptional and he’s kind of been like that for us all year. He deserves a lot of credit for the way he played.”

–  Brandon Sutter

“Flower was awesome. Best player in the series, either team.”

– Patrick Hornqvist

So yeah? I guess that means Dave was bi all along. But I don’t like it, because in the ~7400 pages of the comic Dave had never expressed sexual attraction to any male. It was pretty safe to assume he was straight. Kanaya is considered to be a lesbian for the exact same reason, even if she has never said that she isn’t attracted to males.
Revealing in the last minute that Dave wasn’t heterosexual sounds cheap.




Remembering that time tiabwwtws and isjee594 and I went to Disneyland, and during lunch there was a Balloon Artist going around making these amazing balloon figures/characters for all the kids. My two weren’t sure at first what they wanted, so he suggested princesses, animated fish, other princesses…

And that’s how we got a balloon Ungoliant and balloon Callandor.

I just want to say I’m so glad I met I*an and I’m more than happy to call him one of my closest friends. Although we’ve only just started talking, I’ve never been able to be so comfortable w someone in such little time. It’s always been hard for me to talk to people but with I*an it’s like I could never stop talking. He’s the only person I feel comfortable enough with to spill my problems out to without feeling guilty afterwards and he always says the right things. He does this without effort like it’s just who he is and I get so happy to be able to talk to him everyday. He’s such a great friend and an even greater person. He is the angel on my shoulder!! He’s so patient with me and what’s been going on in my life and I appreciate that so much. I feel like he came in my life at the right time tbh and I’m very lucky to have such such a great person to turn to. He’s so sweetest angel!! Oh and did I mention he’s a great listener?? :~) I love him!!!!!!! I can’t wait to meet him one day so I can finally fight him :))))

hchomogoblin made these amazing character sheet templates, which finally gave me enough of an excuse to draw my Warden :’D

i just got another rly good url that im never gonna use bc this one will always be the best oop


Ok, so..

Stuff happened, now I’m learning 3D. I’m having a great time working on static stuff, since I don’t know how to animate, but I have to learn sometime, right ? So this is my animation project. I’m modeling, texturing and animating Khade! :D I’m having a lot of fun texturing him. It’s not even half done, but It’s going somewhere.

I hope to have him in a stand pose as soon as I can. Let’s hope. <3

Hope you guys like it! I’m not a 3D Artist, but I’m doing my best to learn!


“Cloth napkings and everything”

lol she’s talking about going out with another guy and she’s turning it into cute Jane and Lisbon banter… and then Jane replies “Fancy, you have a great time”, and she’s so disappointed…

It was like she forgot about Pike for that moment and she was all about Jane, and then Jane is the one who reminds her of Pike again!

She was completely lost lol

I’m almost glad that the Sherlocked Con so far disappoints as much as I expected it to. I had such high hopes in the John Watson exhibition, but what I’ve seen so far is truly embarrassing for the whole team behind the series.

Hopes were crushed today.

A Summary of My Day

Today I got to meet two of my favorite people in the world - drivebyanon and dianaflynn22.  Here’s how it went:

Followed by:

And then:

But then we had to do this:

Which left me like this:

But I had a great time and am so happy to have spent time with you!  Tumblr is a crazy place but there’s a lot of awesome people here too.

Hugs chicas!