imagine your favorite character getting the last of some food or drink that you wanted somewhere and not at all sharing it with you. Instead they eat it really fast while glaring at you and begin choking

people complaining about a fist bump when the first thing i thought about when i saw it was

could we please not have ship hate in this fandom? you don’t like a pairing. fine. don’t bullshit all over it. come on guys we’re better than this.

and i tagged all of the pairings (or at least tried to lol there are a lot) so I’m not calling any fans out specifically, it all needs to stahp.

Okay but instead of having a war for the franzdom, consider this: alex kapranos will still have whiskey on the rocks for breakfast no matter who does what in the franzdom

also i had a nightmare that ant man played a big part in avengers 2 so we had to suffer like an hour of ant man in aou on top of that ant man movie

so glad im not the only one googling this

i think if u wanna see a comparison of how 2 people can be close but not totally understand each other u can look at my older sister and i. when we went to see Big Hero 6, i cried when Tadashi died, and afterward she made fun of me for being so soft.

what she doesn’t know is that i was crying because one of my biggest fears is her being seriously hurt, and i could emapthise with what Hiro would have been feeling