imagine your favorite character getting the last of some food or drink that you wanted somewhere and not at all sharing it with you. Instead they eat it really fast while glaring at you and begin choking

Whenever i start to like someone I find out the next fucking day that they have a crush on my friend why does this keep happening. What did I do to deserve this.

i love watching chinese films and shit because as a person of chinese descent who doesn’t know chinese it’s great for learning the language but as a feminist I AM PISSED OFF GOD DAMN IT

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Sorry to bother if I bother but I saw that iCarly post and I still don't quite get the quadrant system? Is it just a shipping thing? If so does it represent anti-ships or evil-ships or something in the spade??? i want to know

ok so i could go on and on about the quadrant system and i will so look under the cut for an explanation (or at least, my explanation) of the quadrant system (edit: it is so long i don’t know how this happened all i remember is reading this question and waking up an hour later with this in my drafts box i’m so sorry)

or if ya don’t really have time to listen to me ramble about alien bug romance dynamics, heres the wiki page for it: http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wiki/Quadrants

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oh god 😍😍😍