imagine your favorite character getting the last of some food or drink that you wanted somewhere and not at all sharing it with you. Instead they eat it really fast while glaring at you and begin choking


Random selcas/Selfies challenge: I was tagged by the lovely envbb (tysm beautiful♡) RULES: 1. Post random selfies of yourself 2. Tag 10 people.
I don’t take a lot of pictures bc I hate my face and idk what to do with it in pictures lmao but I put them in chronological order so my hair growth can be seen!
I tag: starsonlips (ily n bby), bootynoona (I will eat your weed if you don’t), kookiem0nster bc I didn’t see your face today, baekhan-juseyo, extreme-couponer-namjoon, and anyone else who wants to do this!

i’d just like to say that i really respect amber because she could have faked an extreme makeover at any time when it got too hard being the “tomboy” of f(x) but she stuck with her image from debut to now despite all the judgment and if that’s not courage then i don’t know what is.

The One Direction fandom needs to stop...

Like I’m creeped out on behalf of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. It’s got to be really weird to be constantly harassed by people about a relationship that either doesn’t exist or you don’t feel comfortable sharing for whatever reason, not to mention, it would make me feel really violated to have people writing fanfiction/having opinions and headcanons about my personal life.

Like idk let these poor guys live their lives


Gay followers, does my sexuality’s validity appease you?

I’m reading an article and this guy is literally so offensive and ignorant it’s comical. 

one time back in school we were talking about that ancient greek god stuff where certain animals were the perfect versions and the rest were the mistakes when they were trying to make the perfect ones. and my teacher was like, “so which is the gift? swans, seagulls, or ducks?” and i said ducks and he was like “are you serious?”

and i replied, “ducks are a gift, sir.”


<3 <3 <3

this appears on Le Parisien’s website along with a little article and idk WHY but I made the mistake of looking at the comments on the article (seriously WHY, people are mean and then other ppl chastise them for it…let’s all just CHILL, guys) but I did have to laugh at this one (for context, the article is titled “Julien Doré: ‘Je n’ai plus peur d’être moi-même’”):

I think my grandmother is talking me to Iceland for my graduation present. It’s supposed to be a suprise but I really want to know so I can properly react aka die.

Do you ever...

Have that one guy friend who is super chill and nice and funny and good looking and totally open and honest and really smart and you flirt ALL THE TIME… And you can sorta see yourself with him… And then you remember he has a girlfriend?

I’ve had it allllll day today and its concerning me. Any cures?

anonymous asked:

3. 10. 13. 21. 39. 50

3- do you prefer to be friends with girls or boys?

I have no preferences. As long as you’re a good person, we are chill. That said, I only have one guy friend I really trust.

10- do you think your life will drastically change before 2014?

Lol you funny

13- are you good at hiding your feelings?

I used to think I was, but apparently my therapist doesn’t agree. Neither does Mikaela.

21- one thing you dislike about your day?

I have to do something tomorrow that I don’t wanna do but needs to be done

39- do you think anyone is thinking about me?

My mom is. She’s mad at me. IDK about anyone else though :0

50- is the last person I texted attractive?

Yes, my dietician is pretty