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I’m a pig and you’re a vain hypocrite :D

Funny world we live in.

Let’s all start having sex on top of repressive peoples, just to piss them off and of course to have fun doing something totally natural and human… If you’re not a robot and you’re into that kind of thing. 

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*they eventually reached a sewer drain, which they opened and jumped in, forcing ghost and toast to follow*lord REDFANG will be pleased to see you

(Ghost, once again whispering to Toast) “I hope this ‘lord’ guy doesn’t have anything to do with the DRAGON Fang.” *they’re shoved in with the others*

♫ Sochi’s Journal ♫ 5/3/15 ♫ Home ♫  11:26 P.M. ♫

This weekend was a super fun weekend!  I needed it after everything that happened with Rory, which I’ll get to later, but it was a busy and good weekend. We just said bye to a couple we’ve been couple-dating…Aleis introduced me to them…and with all the fun and the hustle and bustle of this week and then the company we had over the weekend, I’m feeling a little blah now.  Mason and Zach are great guys, and I am so glad Aleis has a friend like Mason, that I have a friend like Zach, and that they’re doing okay and feel at home with us.  But now they’re gone…and I’m starting to feel a little bit blah…more than blah.  Actually I’m staring to slowly feel more and more stressed out and anxious, which is part of why I scampered up to the music room.  I just need to get my head on straight.

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What i get when i watch your art is special, you are very special. I know everyone gives you all these compliments & all but really i just have to tell you you're special. Man, keep doing what you're doing, it's beautiful

Thank you a lot. I appreciate genuine asks like these.

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ohhhhh my god youre literally so ridiculous do you even realize that being kin with something means you identify with them on a personal and emotional level?? you cant be kin with something when it has the same personality as other characters you fuckwad. youre just calling it kin when you find a character "cute"

Yes I know what kin means, and I thank you for taking time out of your day to message me. I hope you have nice day/night, and I hope you’re doing great. No sarcasm implied, I promise.

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Hi Tay! We're a new 4x4 skeleton bio rp and we were wondering if you had a bit of spare time to come and look at us for a review or even an opinion if it works better for you. We're just looking for any and all input and help that we can get and anything will me amazingly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance for your time, I can't even say how much it means.

Hey There Gorgeous Admin!! I hope you’re having a good day/night! I do hope you don’t get offended or take offence to what I say. This is only my opinion and is used to help benefit you and your roleplay.

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I'm glad I'm RPing with you, tbh, because I really have missed lesbian paring rps. XD and I guess that's sorta what we're doing? pfft i'm making lucy have a crush on navi and you cant stop me because nalu and also lesbians

[[ i ship it all night long c: ]]

Being in you’re 20s is like either you’re a failure and have no idea what you are doing or you have your shit together and already successful…..

20s= epitome of anxiety

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Why do I feel like you're having too much fun watching your readers over analyze everything you say about the baby name. I bet you're sitting behind your computer and laughing at all of us.

It’s so much fun because I’ve honestly given you guys everything

i can’t really have an opinion on whether twenty one pilots’ song lane boy is racist bc i did not grow up in the hood, but when people are like “omg tyler and josh are the sweetest and they could never do any wrong! they would never be racist!!!” that worries me. like they’re human. they have and will do some problematic things in the course of their lives. everybody makes mistakes, so don’t put them up on a pedestal and think them to be perfect. i don’t get to decide whether or not it’s racist, but just know that josh and tyler are human and are capable of doing wrong. don’t follow your idols blindly.

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1. Your Name 2. Birthday 3. Nickname 4. Height 5. Eye/Hair color 6. Nationality 7. Things you hate 8. Things you like 9. Favorite Color10. Are you naive?11. Sexual orientation12. Have you ever been in a relationship?13. Biggest fears14. Favorite Singers/Bands15. Favorite Movie16. Describe your personality in 3 words17. How many pair of shoes do you have?18. Chocolate or Vanilla YOU'RE WELCOME

1. ashanti marie

2. 7-26-98

3. ash, shanti

4. 5′3

5. brown/dyed black

6. black+mexican

7. fuckboys, liars, homophobes, most republicans, my health as of now, school, people that manipulate me, people that use me for their own gain and then leave when i need them

8. food, girls, cute people, boys w feminine features, sleeping, being cared about, white boybands lol

9. i cant choose stop

10. yes

11. pansexual

12. not a real one lol i dont think im mentally in a good place for one

13. being embarrassed, people looking at me, losing my mom/sister, dying

14. one direction, hanson, nsync, backstreet boys, michael jackson, theweeknd, and whatever bullshit plays on the radio, 

15. project x lmao

16. gay, nervous, open

17. two; some badass fuschia converse+unworn navy blue van knockoffs

18. vanilla, fuck chocolate 


Out of curiosity…how many do they have to kill before they’re not the JV team and we actually act to do something about this…10,000? 100,000?  If they reach the magic mark of 6 million will isolationists and liberals still be saying it’s not our problem?  How much blood has to be run before it becomes our problem?

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How do I get to the writing tab? Do I need to be on the computer? Because right now I'm on mobile and I can't find it. (I'm sure it's super obvious but I know almost nothing about how tumblr works) Sorry for bothering you. I just really love your writing

You’re not bothering me at all!  You do have to be on the computer to find the tab, but here is part three if you’re still looking :)

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I seriously cannot believe what I am reading from you... A doctor asking about your eating habits and recommending a food diary is not shaming in anyway. You're such a sad misinformed person and honestly I want to yell and scream at you but I can't. It is just so sad the missinformation you have been fed by HAES and the isolated tumblr community. You;re doing harm to your body yet you are blinded to that fact through the phrases "body positivity" and "health at every size". I feel bad for you

Aww, I’m pretty sure this is my first concern troll. I’ve hit the big time!

[ riigormortiis ]

   “You wouldn’t even have to do shit, Alana. Why’re you so
    uptight on the idea of me fucking you to sleep?”
She’s grinning
    – she’s entirely out of bounds, inappropriate, far too forward, but she
    doesn’t care. If Alana took the bait (which she was fairly sure she
    wouldn’t) then it would have been a winning situation. Her stiff but
    sleepy denials, however, are almost better. It’s weirdly endearing
    to Isis.

    She’s got a hand resting on her arm, the other moving through her
    hair to try and soothe her. “Seriously, I think you’re fuckin’ turned
    off by me, I’m sort of offended.”
Her teasing, she realizes suddenly,
    goes unheard – Alana’s finally drifted off against her lap, her body
    relaxed and breathing deep.

    Isis sighs and feels her grin move into something softer, something
    more tender… something she’d never fucking show to anyone. She’s
    silently thankful that Alana’s eyes are shut.

MmmMmm. She’s laying there, humming to herself for a moment, but there are hands carding through her hair and she sighs softly. It’s a small kind of sound– meek, almost a puppyish kind of noise.

“I’m not uptight,” She really isn’t. Alana Bloom has been eaten out under restaurant tables and fucked just around the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. Don’t start her on the time she went down on an ex-fiancee in a cab and deliberately locked eyes with the driver in the rearview for funsies, “That’s maybe the creepiest way that’s ever been worded.”

She starts to drift off, and there’s a place she finds, somewhere between sleep and wakefulness. Somewhere just between, yes, she’s definitely there. Faint and hazy, in and out.

“I’m not– turned off– I just– don’t think this is an advisable state to get off in.”

When I may or may not have a history in panicking after three days or so without sleep.