have you seen him

Under Her Spell

holy shit i’ve grossed myself out with how fluffy this is. i am so in love with this idea. i’ve made more spydads fluff for you all to enjoy, except only harry is in this one. asfhjkadsf

"Is this your daughter?" 

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leaxilou asked:

Despite some of his shortcomings, Jake really is one of the best dads on the show. He most likely got it from Joshua and he most likely passed his fatherly nature onto his own kids

People shit on him so much but like… have you SEEN the other fathers on this show? He is above and beyond one of the best dads in the series PERIOD.

rxdeyedghxul asked:

Oh look its a little Kuro, "Excuse me miss, have you seen a rabbit around? i lost him and i need to find him right away"

                    "…. This one? Or one of the ones over there?" 

          Kuro, you’re in a meadow with a bunch of rabbits, wow.

'lol Arin talking about feminism? What a [slur], Suzy must be making him do it'

'Arin's just become a pussy, catering to those sensitive whiners. He needs stop and go back to being funny'

'wow Arin you changed. You used to be funny, but now you're acting like a SJW. I can't watch you anymore, I'm unsubbing. I'll come back when I get the good Egoraptor back'


Metacrisis!Doctor appreciation post 

"I look like him and I think like him. Same memories, same thoughts, same everything. Except I’ve only got one heart. I’m part human. Specifically, the aging part. I’ll grow old and never regenerate"


Infinite Meme: One member

↳ {1/1} Dongwoo

"He’s the type to accept everything even when you joke around. He always has on a brightly smiling face and he’s truthful to the point of being a fool."  — Sungyeol (after choosing Dongwoo as the kindest member)