i may not know the smell of your skin
or how you look when you first wake up
your hair a mess from fitful dreams
and your eyes covered from last nights
but i do know what haunts you,
what you hope to be,
and i may be falling for
all the ways you speak
with our words only given
through our finger tips
but that’s okay
i’m not afraid
i’d rather touch you
through our poetry
before learning
of your body.

5:15 AM {Calum Hood Smut}

Paring: Y/N/Calum

Rating: NC-17
Requested: Nopeee
Summery: Basically you and Calum live in a shitty apartment and Calum has to work early in the morning AND LET’S JUST SAY IT GET’S A LITTLE INTENSE.

When the body numbing sound of Calum’s alarm woke me up, I sighed looking at the red numbers that read 5:00 AM. My body was used to the dark mornings and cold breezes from our weak air conditioner, goosebumps rose on my thighs causing me to sigh softly. I turned my head towards Calum’s muscular back before turning my whole body towards him pressing my chest against his back feeling his slow breathing stop then then start again with a low groan “Why do we have to work?” He muttered into his pillow. I laughed softly rubbing his back pressing gentle kisses on the back of his neck “To put food on the table.” I said simply blinking my heavy lids till they were able to be held open without struggle, pulling my body to sit up and snap the elastic band of his boxers against his tan skin “Come on. Up.” I smiled hearing him grunt loudly dragging his body to sit up straight.
Calum did graduate high school he even went to college, for a year. The one year he was there he said that the college life wasn’t for him and dropped out that’s when his parents disowned him and he ended up with a dead in job delivering packages. He only got weekends off and the occasional Monday but that was only if he sucked up to the boss. Calum didn’t hate his job, he just hated working that was one of his many fatal flaws that I’d grown to cope with over the years.
I started on his breakfast which was usually just a ego waffle, a strawberry, and if I felt like it I would pour him orange juice but he would usually just get a bottle of water and be content. I put the frozen circle in the middle of the paper plate before placing it in the little plastic microwave setting the timer for thirty seconds. I then turned towards the fridge opening it searching for the strawberries but found no luck, the fridge was looking pretty empty there was only a box of pizza, a head of lettuce, and a orange. I questioned the lettuce for a moment, thinking I could make some cute little waffle person, but decided on the orange knowing Calum didn’t care about the little things in the morning. While grasping the fruit a high pitched beep screeched through the house, Calum to groan loudly from our bathroom until I stopped it by simply pressing the cancel button.
Calum walked out with wet dripping hair and a towel around his waist sitting on the couch with a child like smile on his face as I placed the limp plate in his waiting hands.
“You’re the best, baby.”
He praised handing me a comb which made me roll my eyes, he always wanted me to style his hair even though he was perfectly capable of doing it himself. I ran the small red comb through his black locks getting rid of the tangles, he was enjoying the treatment he was getting. I admired the tattoos on his collarbone and arms, I stopped brushing to stroke the ink with the tips of my fingers causing him to stop eating to watch my hands with a small smirk “Maybe one day…You could get one.” He whispered playing with a strand of my hair that fell from the messy bun on the top of my head. I thought of getting my skin drawn on but I never acted on it. He slowly pulled me down by the back of my neck causing me to lean over the back of the couch, he pressed his lips to my cheek his hand still on my neck causing me to smile sweetly at the boy.
He whispered against my cheek continuing to press multiple little kisses on my cheek, I giggled looking at the clock on the stove then back at my boyfriend.
I answered quietly feeling him smirk against my skin which made me roll my eyes “Eat your waffles Hood.” I teased shoving his face away playfully turning to go back to our bedroom feeling my body start to shut down once again.
I walked over to Calum’s side of the bed to turn on the box fan that I made him get, I get really hot at night and the fan we have in our room just doesn’t cut it. I took a deep breath before cuddling into the pillow my tattooed lover rests his head on inhaling his heavenly scent that made my heart stop. I sighed softly burying myself under the white comforter closing my heavy eyes.
I was awoken a few minutes later by hands on my thighs, I whined like a child not wanting to awake from my peaceful slumber.
“Cal…Baby I’m tried.”
I protested holding his hands with a small sigh, I heard him chuckle climbing on top of me pulling the blanket off of me. I cried loudly feeling the icy breeze of the fan but it was quickly cut off by the blanket covering both our bodies. My eyes were still closed as Calum pressed his bare chest to mine leaving the tank top a little damp “Baby get dressed.” I mumbled hitting his chest softly laughing a little. I could feel his smile against my lips with a small laugh “I got ten minutes till I have to go…” He whispered pressing his lips to mine deeply his large hands creeping up my tank top, the coldness of his fingertips on my heated torso made me let out a small whimper.
“Calum…I want to-”
“Shush, baby girl , I’m going to make you feel good.”
That’s when I went silent and let his perfect hands grasp my breasts which fit perfectly in his palms. I slowly opened my heavy lids to see his big brown eyes, I let out a small gasp feeling him squeeze my breasts before massaging them with his palms. I whimpered up at him, begging for more causing him to smirk down at me kissing my lips. I tangled my fingers into his raven locks, my god his kiss lit me up inside and his hands made my stomach flip and tighten with excitement.
“Calum please..”
His hands slowly came out from under my tank top, I watched him with a little wonder. One of the many things I loved about Calum Hood was his hands, my god they could go from cradling my cheeks to stop my tears to curling inside me making me scream they were amazing.
His hands went north from where I wanted them but when his pink lips collided with mine I was content. We moved our lips in sync until I bit his lower lip which slid from my grasp when he chuckled softly, a stupid smile spreading across his features. I couldn’t help but to smile at his goofy grin, I let my thumb drag across his bottom lip before going under his chin to pull our lips together again. He was so perfect even before the sun was up.
My nails dragged down his bare back leaving red line down his back till my fingers could feel the fabric of the towel which I pulled off his hips feeling it collapse on my thighs. I glanced down at his cock for a second but he grabbed my chin softly making me focus on him.
“You know what I want you to do?”
His tone was so low and husky I couldn’t help but to shudder a bit when his minty breath washed over my face.
“I want you to keep those pretty little eyes locked with mine, understood?”
Eye contact was big for Calum, he could barely hold a conversation if you didn’t look him in the eye. He said it made him feel connected to who he was talking too. The first time we had sex, which was when I was 16 and he was 17, I was a virgin and he was most definitely not. He had to show me the ropes and everything else but he told me something that not everyone does, keep eye contact. I just recently learned this while I sat in Calum’s lap last Saturday listening to his conversation with Ashton, Ash said he rarely looked girls in the eye when he fucked them said it was ‘too emotional’ for his liking but Cal found it a major turn on.
I slowly nodded, my hands going to his jawline pulling his lips down to mine in a soft and gentle kiss which turned hard and rough real quick. I struggled to keep up with him seeing I was still in the process of waking up. I felt his lips pull away from mine and go to my jawline the gentleness of the kisses becoming more relevant, when his lips landed on my neck I was his. I let out a airy moan when he began to nibble softly on the skin, my hand slid down his chest and to his throbbing cock which made me smile smugly up at him “Someone’s ready.” I teased which caused him to roll his eyes pulling away from my neck raising his brows at me “When you only have…” He glanced at the clock on our bedside table “Ten minutes to fuck, I believe being ready is a plus.”
I whined softly at our time frame but I could tell Calum was thinking this out in his head.
“Three minutes for foreplay, three minutes for fucking, and three minutes for a little snuggle before I leave. That sound like a plan?”
That sounded like heaven to be honest.
“Sounds perfect, baby.”
I whispered feeling his hand shove down my boy shorts rubbing my clit in quick circle making my stomach knot. His fingers made me melt but I tried to keep my mind in one place which was pleasing him but the pleasure that surged through my body was distracting. I let out a small moan slowly wrapping my hand around the base of his cock stroking up to his head and back down slowly repeating the action just to hear his raspy groan. I smirked softly feeling my fingertips become damp from the precome that dribbled from his head. Calum smacked my hand away “I won’t last long baby…” He whispered pushing his index finger inside me slowly. I moaned quietly closing my eyes feeling him start to pump his finger at a slow and even pace, I was dripping for him now before he could slide another finger inside me I grabbed his wrist.
“Three minutes.”
I reminded causing him to groan like a child shaking his head. He simply pushed my legs apart causing him to smirk softly “Do you know how bad I want to taste that pretty pussy…” He whispered leaning down to kiss my neck gently, I felt him rub the head of his cock against my clit causing me to let out a loud whine digging my nails into his muscular back “Do you know how bad I want you to fuck me?” I snapped desperate for him to just fuck me already. He chuckled softly against my skin, I opened my mouth to snap at him again but him pushing his head into wet center made me shut up and close my eyes. He took his time to fill me up. When he finally was to the hilt I was a squirming begging mess begging for him to move, to kiss me, to do something. Calum just stared down at me smirking softly at the effect he had over me, finally he started thrusting quickly in and out of me.
I watched the veins on his forearms start to show through his skin as his thrust became harsher and faster trying to get to his peek before our time was up. The grip he had on my hip was like iron surely leaving a bruise that would match the ones on my neck, a low groan fell onto my lips from my beautiful boyfriend who’s fingers started to rub my clit once again. I kept my eyes locked with his a warm ball forming in my stomach making my legs turn to jello and my moans to become louder and higher pitched. Calum smirked nodding at me “Come for me princess…” He grunted and I listened letting my release wash over me finally, leaving my body slightly numb and fuzzy like static.
Calum’s release wasn’t long after mine with a long groan he emptied his hot load into me making me gasp a little. We stayed connected in silence for a few minutes even when Cal went soft we stayed together listening to each others uneven breathing. Slowly he pulled out of me resting his head on my collar bone closing his eyes as I ran a hand through his messed up hair sighing softly before kissing his cheek ever so gently. Calum pulled my tired body up into a tight embrace where our bare chests pressed against each other, he kissed my hair which was falling out of its messy bun. The silence was comforting, I liked it.
Calum gently laid me back on the mattress looking at clock with a little groan “I got to go princess…I’ll be back usual time.” He told me as I nuzzled back into the pillow which was slowly loosing his scent, I nodded quietly hearing him start to get dressed in his uniform. I opened my tired eyes to watch him button his brown polo causing me to smile “I love you.” I whispered. He turned his head towards me smiling sweetly kissing my head gently,
“I love you more baby…”
A/N: sorry if this was sucky at the end IT TOOK SO LONG IM SORRY I LOVE YOU GUYS LOADS ❤️