Things I vaguely remember doing after getting my wisdom teeth out yesterday...
  • Saying to the nurse, “That was easy.”
  • Pulling out my gauze multiple times saying, “Dafuck is this? I don’t like it.”
  • Pulling my swollen lower lip and saying, “Is this my tongue?”
  • Pulling my dry shriveled up tongue
  • Asking for “motherfuckin’ pancakes”
  • Saying multiple times in the car, “That was fun.”
  • Asking for chocolate milk
  • Doing duckface with my swollen lips
  • Replying to my brother telling me, “You look stupid.” By saying, “Fuck you, I’m going to Brandeis.” When in fact, he is going to Brandeis University, and I am going to Muhlenberg College. He promptly told me to “Shut the fuck up.”
  • Telling my mom that the IV (which they had to put in my fucking hand, because they couldn’t find a vein in my arm) hurt more than my tattoo.
  • Asking if I was going to die
  • Freaking the fuck out after finding out that I cannot smoke for FOUR DAYS.
  • Remembering that my mother doesn’t know that I smoke and saying, “oh wait, never mind…”

Than I watched Trainspotting and the numbness wore down… It was quite a day.

Oh God, I found this poem about a guy I used to like while cleaning my room...

Here Goes:

What I’ll Always Remember

I’ll remember your smile,

So friendly, and inviting.

I’ll remember how it made me smile,

Grinning ear to ear, like an idiot.

I’ll remember the way you said my name,

How you could never say it right.

I’ll remember how I didn’t mind,

How I even liked the way you said it.

I’ll remember how absolutely perfect you are,

Everything about you.

I’ll remember thinking about that constantly,

How it was such a distraction.

But most of all,

I’ll remember how you made me feel.

I’ll remember my heart fluttering.

I’ll remember my hands shaking.

I’ll remember giggling constantly.

I’ll remember not being able to control myself.

I’ll remember how overwhelmingly wonderful it all was.

I’ll always remember you.