Carbon County Jail

- Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

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the-eyebagfreak submitted:

This happened about 2 years ago. Not anything scary or terrifying, just plain creepy.

Ok, so my mom took the bathroom first and since I was stubborn, I sat on the floor waiting for her to finish. The bathroom my mom was using was at a long hallway of our villa. The hallway contained 4 rooms and 1 door leading to the living room. north and south had 1 room each, and east had 2 rooms and west had the door leading outside.

The bathroom was at the east. Anyway, since I remember it vaguely, I don’t know the reason why I closed ALL the doors. When I closed all the doors, I came back sitting down beside the door. All of a sudden there was a sound. Like, something snapped. I figured it was one of those things you always hear when it’s silent. I just shrugged. But then there came a soft knock from north’s door. Then south’s then my room, the one beside the bathroom’s. Then they all knocked faster and more demanding. Like they wanted entrance. Pronto. I started feeling goosebumps. I wasn’t scared of ghosts or anything. Fear is optional in my being. Being open minded as I am, I knocked at mom’s door and said, “Mom, you finished taking a bath?” Then she replied, “I’m just rinsing my hair!” By this point I knew there were ghosts. My brother, sister and father are away, and I knew no one was in except for me and my mom. Being a bitch, I mumbled, “Geez, you can open the door, you know.” I crossed my arms and let out a sigh.

The door opened.
No one was inside MY ROOM. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: You seem to have a pretty good attitude! 6/10 for scares and thank you for sharing.

A friend who runs a ghost tour in Chicago asked for my help with an investigation in Wisconsin Rapids tonight at the First Ward’s School house. We are essentially baby sitting a group of 20 as they investigate this large very old, very haunted school building.

However, they all leave at 2:30am and the owner of the building offered us the chance to sleep in this giant old building…. By ourselves. In a bed placed in one of the old class rooms (that is STILL set up like a class room, toys and desks.) So, we are. Of course I did some mental and energy prep, one of them being my go to aura scrub mix.

💠 Aura Power Wash: 💠

Sea salt

To purify and fix up any holes in your aura/ personal energy field. (Plus it makes your skin feel AMAZING) Grind the herbs in your mortar and pestle, mix with melted coconut oil. Scrub all of your body in the shower. Feel amazing!

Ill update more as the night goes on, or tomorrow afternoon. :)


Photographs of a Demonic Haunting

Bob Cranmer was convinced his home was haunted by a hostile demonic presence. He even had multiple religious figures help to battle the demon in his home, which he claims ultimately worked and the demon was expelled. 

During the haunting, though, Cranmer and his family faced many mysteriously broken and bent crucifixes, mysterious blood-like substances deliberately spattered on the walls, and parallel scratches on his body. He photographed bits of the experience, including the staircase in his home, which he photographed at a point where the family dog continually stared at it. The scratches, he claimed, were apparently applied at night, as he would not feel them during the night and then wake up to new scratches.

The religious leaders involved in the case were also adamant that the demonic presence was very real. Now that it has reportedly been driven out, Cranmer says he still feels shaken up about the ordeal.

Hatley Castle Haunting

Hatley Castle was built on Vancouver Island, off Canada’s West Coast, by the Scottish Coal Baron Robert Dunsmuir. He was a famous but controversial figure in his day, known for his swift-handed approach to decisions concerning the use of land.

The castle, which now forms part of the campus of Royal Roads University, has begun to fall prey to a series of unexplained events, which send chills down the spine of those who venture too close. Terrified observers have reported seeing a white figure drifting around the windows, and they’ve also made reference to hearing the clash of pots and pans.

It is rumored that the maid of Robert Dunsmuir—rejected by her lover—leapt from the window and died. SPIRITS, a charity dedicated to investigating the paranormal, claims that one of its staff members actually saw a female figure clothed in white slipping through the castle corridors. Unfortunately, few sources have less credibility in such cases than a charity dedicated to investigating the paranormal. Source: Listverse

In 1702, a convicted murderer named Thomas Busby was about to be hanged for his crimes. His last request was to have his final meal served at his favorite pub in Thirsk, England. He finished his meal, stood up, and said, “May sudden death come to anyone who dare sit in my chair.”

The chair remained in the pub for centuries, and patrons would often dare one another to sit in the cursed seat. During World War II, airmen from a nearby base frequented the pub, and locals noticed that the soldiers who sat in the chair would never return from war. In 1967, two Royal Air Force pilots sat in the chair, only to crash their truck into a tree just after they left. In 1970, a mason tested his fate in the hot seat, only to die that same afternoon by falling into a hole at his job site. A year after that, a roofer who sat in it died after the roof he was working on collapsed. When the pub’s cleaning lady tripped and fell into the chair, she died shortly afterwards from a brain tumor.

This list goes on, and finally the pub owner moved the chair into the basement. Unfortunately, even in storage the chair claimed another victim. After a delivery man took a quick rest while unloading packages in the store room, he was killed in a car accident that same day.

Eventually, the pub owner donated the chair to the local museum in 1972. The museum displays the chair by hanging it five feet in the air so that no one can possibly sit in it by mistake again. Fortunately, no one has sat in the chair since.