anonymous asked:

i just wondered,who are the best blogs,(famous,quality) that following you???

well…haha i wouldn’t say that but;

hugthepug is the best i think…
sweetcurse is very very very very good. 
bobbryar yep,she is quality and she is a real sweetheart.
tumsa you should follow her!
ieronic o m g da gay parade!
hauntedsorrows yep her edits are amazingly perfect.
coffeeforgerard coffee+gerard=a ship that never sinks puurfect,meow!
thefive0fusaredying well,her blog is so quality and her hair colour is amazing….yep beautiful c:
methaexskies o m g she is my gerard do not even think touch her and her edits are fabulous.

so,yep i love all of them so much!

Who tagged me: gamerofkilljoys yay ^_^


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What’s worse: One Direction, Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black? omg idk i hate all of them but i think nobody can be worse than rebecca black hah 

What’s your favorite candy? well i like everything that is sweet but my favorite is a slovak one (and i doubt you’ve ever heard of it)

Do you have any OTPs? it’s probably just frerard yeah…

Would you rather walk in on your dad fapping or have your dad walk in while you’re fapping? (geez, i dunno, i feel creative and creepy today \o/) lmao i guess i would rather walk in when my dad’s fapping oh god but i would probably just start laughing and run away (this is too weird to even think about ewh)

What’s three things you want right this instant? my bed, holidays and a pain killer cause my head’s killing me

What’s the first thing that pops up in your mind when i say (write lol) the word bass? (idek) mikey way, definitely…

Have you ever completly snapped and told somebody to just fuck off and leave you alone? yes i do that to my brother almost every day. we have such a lovely relationship sigh

Define yourself in 3 words only: good music lover

What kind of band member do you find most attractive just by doing the thing they do? (drummer, singer etc.) bass players uhmm yes me gusta

Are you in love right now? no

Do you have a favorite word? not really, i used to like the word bitch but idk

My questions

1. If you could spend one day with your favorite artist/celebrity, who would it be and why?

2. What song or artist do you listen to every time you feel down?

3. Have you ever been bullied (or are you still bullied)?

4. If you had a time machine, what would you change about your past?

5. What is your biggest dream right now?

(wow what serious questions :D)

6. What person do you look up to and why?

7. Have you ever done something really stupid that you still feel awkward when you think about it now?

8. What bands would you like to see live?

9. What is your happiest childhood memory?

aaand that would be enough i guess cause i’m too lazy. forgive me please 

people i tag

1.gamerofkilljoys (idk can i tag you back? :D)









that’s all and i’m gonna let them know tomorrow sigh good night