All She Has—$150,00—Is Going to a University

by Rick Bragg

HATTIESBURG, Miss., Aug. 10

Oseola McCarty spent a lifetime making other people look nice. Day after day, for most of her 87 years, she took in bundles of dirty clothes and made them clean and neat for parties she never attended, weddings to which she was never invited, graduations she never saw.

She had quit school in the sixth grade to go to work, never married, never had children and never learned to drive because there was never any place in particular she wanted to go. All she ever had was the work, which she saw as a blessing. Too many other black people in rural Mississippi did not have even that.

She spent almost nothing, living in her old family home, cutting the toes out of shoes if they did not fit right and binding her ragged Bible with Scotch tape to keep Corinthians from falling out. Over the decades, her pay — mostly dollar bills and change — grew to more than $150,000.

"More than I could ever use," Miss McCarty said the other day without a trace of self-pity. So she is giving her money away, to finance scholarships for black students at the University of Southern Mississippi here in her hometown, where tuition is $2,400 a year.

"I wanted to share my wealth with the children," said Miss McCarty, whose only real regret is that she never went back to school. "I never minded work, but I was always so busy, busy. Maybe I can make it so the children don’t have to work like I did."  [Continue reading.]


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Tornado touches down in Hattiesburg, Mississippi


Emergency officials say an apparent tornado has caused significant damage in Hattiesburg, Miss., after passing along a main road.

Forrest County Fire Coordinator Chip Brown says there is major damage in Hattiesburg and Petal, including on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi. He couldn’t confirm injuries.

He said the damage was still being evaluated, but that the storm passed along a main Hattiesburg thoroughfare.

Follow more updates at

Photo: Tornado in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. (Instagram user @j_holliman)


A Patient’s Christmastime Visit to Batson Children’s Hospital Brings Joy to the Staff

Sam McKee can’t wait to throw a coin in the fountain and make a wish, but his parents’ wish has already been granted. The Hattiesburg three-year-old is well today after six surgeries and a 36-day stay at Batson Children’s Hospital battling a brain tumor. |






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Old Hattiesburg High School - Mississippi

This building was a public school from 1911 to 1959.  The entrance we took into the building was built in 1911, and the front was added on in 1921.  It served as a white’s only school until 1959.

From that point, it was utilized as office buildings of the Hattiesburg Public School District until the 1980’s.  I am not sure of the exact dates, but it was used as an antique store until 2001.

This building took on heavy damage because of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and there was talk of renovating it.  An arson caught the front portion of the building on fire, and renovation stopped when the economy could no longer support the finances of restoration in 2010.

So, now it’s a decaying building, and the idea of renovation is in limbo. 

Stars Are Dead

All those stars you see in the sky?

Yeah, they’re dead.

So you are telling me:

Even beauty and light,

Can slice through the darkness

And arise from death?

Even love and sight,

Can rip through the blindness

And steal your wavering breath?

All those stars you see in the sky?


You’re right.

They are dead.

anonymous said:

It's so weird finding somebody on here that lives somewhere so far away that knows what I'm talking about. This makes you my new favorite person btw! I'm thinking of going to USM after I get done with community college in a year and a half but I'm not sure. It's a toss up between there and Ole Miss but Hattiesburg is just so so fun and I don't know shit about Oxford so...

Awe you’re too cute, odd for me too!! Depends on what you want to study, Ole Miss is by far better academically and reputation wise when you’re getting a job, but Oxford and the people that go there are not my vibe hahahahaa xx