famous vocaloid songs turning 7 years old in 2015: 

  • love is war 
  • world is mine 
  • kokoro 
  • daughter of evil 
  • meltdown 
  • ore no road roller da! 
  • last night good night 
  • stargazer 
  • reverse rainbow 
  • su-su-suki, daisuki 
  • triple baka 

Your Weekly Dose of Vocaloid

Which is not at all weekly. Here are some rad videos.

  1. Love Trial (Vocal Cover by 40mP) - 40mP covers his own song, and does it damn well
  2. Absurd Feast - A very new and very weird song by Pinocchio-P
  3. Vocaloid 4 Trailer - This may be for the program used by producers, but we listeners can look forward to new voice styles and effects!
  4. Burenai Ai De Re-arrange - A minute-and-a-half-long remix along with a cute new video
  5. Snow Miku Live! - The appearance of Snow Miku in the recent concert as she sings Snow Fairy Story