One Piece - Sanji - Two years after -

サンジ新世界ver3.1 MODEL © 帽子屋 (hatmaker)

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Comments about the model
The rig is good.
The physics are good.
Are there a lot of expressions ?Yes (48).
Is it English friendly ? English ReadMe available.

Textures : In English.
Bones : Blank.
Expressions : Blank.
Subsets : Blank.


NICK FOUQUET a hatmaker.


Millinery in New York                                     

The Satya Twena Hat Factory stands in New York City’s Garment Center.

Satya Twena is a fashion entrepreneur and fine milliner/hatter. Through a Kickstarter project in December 2013, Satya saved one of Manhattan’s last remaining hat factories and men’s hat label Makins Hats from closing.

Photographer: Atisha Paulson/Bloomberg      

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