Let me explain something.

korean fans   =   real fans
international fans   =   real fans
male fans   =   real fans
female fans   =   real fans
trans fans   =   real fans
young fans   =   real fans
old fans   =   real fans
gay fans   =   real fans
straight fans   =   real fans
casual fans   =   real fans
excited fans   =   real fans
new fans   =   real fans
debut fans   =   real fans

all fans   =   real fans

Why can’t you let go? Like a bird in the snow. This is no place to build your home.
—  lyrics from Friction by Imagine Dragons

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what if i just asked taylor what to name my cats? then things would be a lot simpler.



there’s this one:

and this one (i’m stuck between this one and the one above bECAUSE LOOK AT THAT FACE):

and this one:



He’s going to be a great father.

Oh ! I love it !!!!!!!!

I WANT IT !!!!!!!!!!

There was a litle boy,

Who was Canadian, Chinese boy.

One day he become SM’s trainee,

He worked so hard and debut with his 11 brothers,

He was in M,

He was so happy with them, he had beautiful moments with all his brothers

With Xiumin,

With Luhan,

With Suho,

*omma and appa*

With Lay,

Kris was his protector…

With Baekhyun,

With Chen,

With Chanyeol,

With D.O,

With Tao,

He was his best friend, his was his real brother…

With Kai,

With Sehun,

He was a little dumb,

But he was really like their father…

But he couldn’t stand to SM…

He restricted by SM..

He couldn’t do what he wants…

He got sick.. He went to hospital..

He loves his brothers but he couldn’t stand it…

It was too hard for him…

His brothers didin’t know that, because he was aware, that he will hurt them too much…

He wouldn’t want that to happen…

But he should do this…

So now, don’t hate him…

Don’t call him traitor

Because he don’t want it, he have to do this, for his health, for his dreams…

Becuse we know he loves his brotherts too much, he miss his family too much, we know that…

And we still love him… Even he is not member of EXO, in our heart he is…

Still support and love him,

Because he needs us…

Because we need him…

Because we are one!

anonymous asked:

Maybe I missed something, but I'm curious, and hope you can tell me. What has Joss Whedon done that you hate him?

There’s a really, really long list of reasons why, but the vast majority of it boils down to “this cishet white dude likes to make blanket statements about what feminism is, and it’s an extremely narrow version that primarily benefits him".

I’m choosing some of what are (in my opinion) his most egregious offenses – and boy howdy are there receipts.

  1.  His treatment of Charisma Carpenter (I’m not sure why the audio is blanked for part of the video). 
  2. Appropriating a Junot Diaz quote about POC representation to support his work on white cis female characters (one of whom – Maria Hill – he whitewashed). 
  3. Firefly. Literally all of Firefly. It’s explicitly stated that the show takes place in a Chinese-American fusion universe, yet there are no Chinese characters in the main cast. Oh and how about how he stated that the Reavers were supposed to be an analogue of the Apache (holy shitballs does this dude ever hear himself talk?)? Then there’s how he wanted to have Inara’s arc involve a gang rape, and his primary concern was how it would affect Mal’s character development. Note how whenever Mal gets pissy about/with Inara, he brings up the monetary agreement between the two of them. But we’re supposed to believe in their romance! Mal, I love you, but I really hope you get a better writer next time around. If there’s a next time. 
  4. His treatment of Black Widow as morally inferior to her counterparts (who are pretty much all male). 
  5. His obsession with waify, infantilized women with superpowers and mental illnesses – River Tam is the greatest offense here (and there were so many ways to explore her experiences without making her a child), but then there’s Wanda Maximoff, Fred from Angel, basically all of Dollhouse. And his treatment of his female characters in general is offensive. 
  6. HAHA wow Dollhouse, holy shit, it’s a show that features characters who are incapable of consenting to having sex and – I can’t even get into detail about this because I feel physically ill writing about it. 
  7. Speaking of the Maximoffs: they are canonically Romani, and the children of Holocaust survivors. Apparently Joss thinks it’s totally okay to turn them into Neo-Nazis who volunteered for Hydra’s experiments. Some people have argued that he had to change it up to avoid conflicts with the X-Men, but I’m going to come right out and say b u l l s h i t. He already has a history of whitewashing characters (Maria Hill) and presenting overwhelmingly white communities (Buffy, FIREFLY). This isn’t about legal issues; this is about systemic behavior and beliefs that go far beyond “wow you are problematic, dude”. 

There are so many other problems – I can’t find the links in my bookmarks, but he’s made transphobic comments in the past, so if anyone can help me back that up, I can add that as well! 

The thing is, I really loved Buffy when I first watched it. A girl, kicking ass with her friends – many of whom were other girls – while dealing with all the bullshit I dealt with? I could get behind that. I can still get behind a lot of what went into Buffy. 

But now, knowing what I do about the creator? I don’t think I’d be able to watch it again. I’ve got a lot of privilege to unpack, and will for the rest of my life, but I don’t want my feminism to be dictated to me by Joss Whedon and his penis. It will be intersectional or it will be bullshit.

If his work means a lot to you, then by all means, keep loving it – but it’s extremely important to be aware of what goes into creating it, and what motivates the person behind it. 

(many thanks to pearwaldorf for having such a comprehensive tag for this stuff, which helped me fill in the gaps!)