Addressing some of the most frequent arguments against Don’t Stay in School

(Apologies if you followed me expecting me to be serious and moody and now, upon seeing my sense of humour, realise I’m an idiot)

anonymous asked:

"That-fit-girl"?? You're not even fit... What a joke!

I know, I’m such a fatass. What am I even doing here. Jesus christ. 

Ughh. Like do you see this fat? ^ such a fatty. How can I even be fit?

Like I can only maybe deadlift 70 lbs compared to like 5 lbs last year. I’m so unfit :’( 

And not only that but like I can only maybe run like 40 minutes without stopping compared to like 30 seconds last year.

Fuck, you’re right. I’m so glad someone told me! It was about time I started to re-think my URL. How can I ever be fit? I’m such a joke right? But you’re strong and intelligent because you’re anon and calling a 19 year old a joke and unfit because you must know me personally. I completely understand. I know you aren’t trying to coarse me into feeling like shit that could possibly push me to relapse into my eating disorder again because you’re giving honest, sincere and polite criticism. :) And I thank you for that anon. I will always appreciate your kind messages that you took 30 seconds out of your life when you could’ve been making a difference in your life some how. But you didn’t, you chose to give me that attention and for that I thank you. :) <3 oxoxoxoxoxo