Say what you want about Florida … but no other state in the Union has a Sheriff’s Department with a street legal LIGHTCYCLE.

I got to sit on it today. Hilariously enough this is not the first lightcycle I’ve been on. The Parker Brothers Concepts guys were out road testing one at the Melbourne Square Mall while I was there once and they let me play with the lights and sounds. It was pretty amazing.

lydia martin got bit by peter hale, an alpha werewolf, and survived

lydia martin got manipulated and abused by him as well and survived

lydia martin almost got strangled by a darach and survived

lydia martin is a survivor, she is so fucking strong and she is better than u


Sometimes having haters is good for you. Really. For example….

Oh Myyyyy! It looks like one blogger didn’t take kindly to a post I reblogged from crankycrafter (I thought it was funny and not nasty at all). My advice to this unnamed blogger? Don’t take yourself so seriously and that post got hundreds of notes and reblogs with people hopping on over to your blog to check out your posts! Passive aggressive people without a sense of humor are not part of my world.  

How to deal with anon hate:

Publish the anon message.

Then write yourself an anon message saying that ‘Oh I’m so sorry for that last message, I instantly regret it, I’m having a horrible day and took it out on you.’

It will drive the anon hater nuts, and it can’t be proved that it wasn’t them. If they get upset someone is impersonating them, then they can come off anon.


ok some of you don’t understand. I’m NOT in a fit of rage because Kurt swiveled his ass on some dude’s dick. I understand that during this stupid timeline-fucked episode, he’s single and drunk. I AM mad because literally everyone (including extras) can grind on eachother but Kurt & Blaine hug like old pals.