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The difference between being a HATER and a Follower of Christ

A follower of christ is happy for those deserving of riches and success, for they know it took hard work,dedication, & passion.

A HATER is often furious of those of more riches than them. Causing them to lash out on those who have  a golden pot to piss in, compared to their porcelain toilets.

A follower of christ has no problem giving credit where it is due, because they are happy with where they are in life,and knows they block blessings by being uptight, and that is NOT of God.

IF you see someone on Tv, or on the internet, or in the news, for being successful and it is followed by a burning sensation in your chest, and you feel your nose turning upward,an you sense your eyes rolling counter clockwise, then you my dear, are a HATER

a follower of christ knows the word, and doesn’t and doesn’t have to prove a thing to anyone, because they know the word, and they know where they stand.

a HATER, has to extract a part of scripture, followed by their shitty opinions on something, but uses the fact they know scripture, to justify their hate & bitter-ass-ness towards those of much success. Followed by a sincere."I’mma pray for you"

A Follower of Christ knows that the word of God, isn’t to be debated . They also are aware that, you cannot change the mind of the ignorant, which leaves you to state what you have to say, and you leave it at that.They are also smart enough to know, when trying to prove a point, you DO NOT, resort to insults , nor do you repeat yourself over & over again, because they know, arguing with a fool results in you being foolish nonsense being tossed back and forth.

a HATER. Has to CONSTANTLY battle back an forth with those who do not agree with them, nor their opinions. Be wary of these indiviuals who flaunt the bible as if it’s their holy grail, but truly have a heart of hatred. IF you see these HATERS on a celebrities page, or always have the names of celebrities on their mouths , but when you go to a page, of christians, or followers of God, and you NEVER see them there, then they, my dear , are haters. IF these “Christians” never talk about the word, or the lord, but ALWAYS have the name of another human on their tongue,then they my dear, are HATERS. .IF these “Christians” are always talking negatively on those who do not share their beliefs , then they my dear, are HATERS.  

Much respect to the christians who stand by their word, but do not shove it down the throats of others. Much respect to the followers of christ, who