goldstrikeshots asked:

Why every karmy shipper are so hatefull towards reamy ?? I see some really mean things in the tags ! I don't understand i mean let us ship who we Want !! i'm so mad !

I agree anon and it makes me sad. I wish we could all just like who we like! We should all just be a big happy fandom…but oh well lol.

This World Is Taking Itself To Hell

The more I learn
The more I hate
Though it’s not my choice
I have lost my way

Humanity is just another word for death
Breathing until our very last breath
Fighting and arguing for selfish reasons
Boycotts and riots, commiting treason

Robberys, heartache and broken bones
Suicide, fear you hide, and all the lost hope
Smoking death, choking pills,
Murder in the highest hills

Black mailing, adultry,
Screaming, crying: Agony
Hunger is forced to be
And people don’t care
That they’ll only live a week

Bodies lined up, one by one
Ignorance has finally won
Birthday cakes are baked with blood
Cigarettes are just enough

Smoking coke, meth and weed
Acid and other shit we don’t need
Death is on the corner of ever street
And the whores are every where every week

The men are like animals
Unable to control themselves
The women are just whores
And we’re almost all going to hell

Torture, hatred, choose to hate
Lost future, can’t create
Beating hurting, no one cares
Sinning, hanging, off the chair

Guns have been on the streets too long
Everyone is always wrong
Religion is just to hide the hate
That they have chosen to create:

Lost innocence
Lost expression

Hate us

Nothing matters anymore

Every time I hear certain people’s names, see certain people’s photographs, or learn about what they are doing, or become reminiscent about aspects both good and bad, from out of my mouth, without hesitation comes the compulsive statement whispered delicately though sinister:

"I dislike you."