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No spoilers, promise.

That was the first time in a lifetime of near-constant consumption of cinema that I’ve been sitting in a packed, darkened movie theatre, watching some massive, bombastic blockbuster action movie, sensing the excitement, the rapt gaze of a predominantly male audience, and thought to myself… 

This movie isn’t just tipping its hat to women so we won’t feel excluded. This movie is *for women*. 

Fury Road features some of the most fierce and violent and brutal and vivid and compelling imagery I’ve watched in any movie, ever, and it also just happens to be one the most warmly and thoroughly feminist films I’ve ever seen, from any genre.

Miller made this for us.

When that realization hit me, I cried.

Unprecedented. What a lovely day.

i hate using siri to reply to messages. it listens to what i say and, if it hears me accurately, converts my thoughts into flat, expressionless, standardised prose with imperfect punctuation and no room for spelling variation. i do not want this. i don’t type short messages in lowercase, for example, because i’m lazy or don’t know how to capitalise — i type short messages in lowercase because it’s the best way to render how i imagine my thoughts would come across. i like lending writing with accurate spelling and grammar a casual veneer by decapitating the caps. plus, well, i just think it looks better. i’ve typed in lowercase ever since i first got internet access and started talking about radiohead on audiogalaxy boards fifteen years ago. it’s why i’ve turned autocorrect off on every phone i’ve ever owned.
[…] we write based on our background and experiences. to strip this capability out, even from ephemeral or seemingly unimportant forms of communication, is to neuter the essence of language.

Personal Styling:
The Great Cover-Up

Summer victories, in no particular order finishing a double-scoop cone with nary a… >

Personal Styling:
The Great Cover-Up

Summer victories, in no particular order: finishing a double-scoop cone with nary a drip. Reading more than one book on vacation. Nailing the swimsuit-and-cover-up combo. That last one is a biggie, especially since cover-ups, like the places they’re worn, are not created equal. What you toss in your bag for an impromptu beach outing with the kids isn’t necessarily the same thing you’d choose for an afternoon at a chic swim club. Naturally, we asked Christina, our personal stylist and cover-up connoisseur to dive in and assemble an array of splashy options for the many ways we’ll be spending the summer.

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Minya Chambray Jumpsuit

Keona Kerchief

Arricci Harmoni Heels

Sweetgrass Crossbody Bag

Cybele Silk Shift

Cape Peninsula Tote

Holz Pendant Necklace

Horse Beach Towel

ett:twa Archetype Sunglasses

Corso Como Marine Sandals

Lace Front Maillot

Draped Gingham Tank

Sun Palm Skirt

Valdene Sun Hat

Woven Bangle

Scalloped Underwire Maillot

Liadan Cocoon Cardigan

Pilcro Hyphen Chino Shorts

Kaanas Guajira Slides

Dorothy Hobo Bag

Mix and Match Peplum Tankini

Eclipsed Eyelet Skirt

Willa Rancher

Hardwood Clutch

Farylrobin Marly Metallic T-Straps