@charmingcloverstudios gets first pick… And @sjirau gets to pick next (if my envelope never arrived)… And then I’m keeping the last one for myself! Lol! I might make more soon if anyone else wants to swap. And I think I’ll make my next #haswap cards owl themed, too. #owl #owls #atc

Woooohooo I got my gorgeous art from #haswap @sandieloves2art they are amazing can’t wait to put on my Wall of Fame @rainbowgeckogallery @karenpruz @ciara McGuire..I don’t know which IG is Ciara….love love love them…..👏👍💖😘

My #haswap cards arrived, I’m so happy with my package! :) Wonderful art from @tesswyatt, @sandieloves2art, and @kellyshults ! Lovely work, ladies.

Made these for #haswap.im not sure if they will make it to @sandieloves2art before she sorts…but I will put them in the mail tomorrow for either this swap or the next. :)

Happy art has arrived, hooray!! I’m so happy to receive beautiful art from @mimsrachel Kim Heil (no IG listed), and @RSGMixedmedia. This was my first #haswap and I’m so thrilled!

Here are my pieces for the #haswap! I will let them dry a day and then get them in the mail before the weekend @sandieloves2art