Has no one told you she's not breathing? || thethingofyournightmares

… I’ll keep an ear out.

Probably find ya before you get here, like I usually do. …

…did the last thing you said to someone always replay itself the moment you realized you’d never speak to them again?… 

Dolcetto stood still and silent, his fists tightly closed at his sides. He was too tense to move. Too shocked to think. And despite the sight before him, his eyes were cool…almost calm, even…

He’d been out. Patrolling like any other day. Something about the air had made him restless and unsettled, but he’d began to dismiss it. He hadn’t seen anymore military, hadn’t heard or smelled anything out of the ordinary. The city seemed it’s normal self. Busy and alive despite the time of day. 

And then there’d been the unmistakable crack of a gun.

First instinct told him the Nest was under attack again. But that was easily cast aside when the gunshot wasn’t followed by an explosion of others. He’d gotten half-way back to the Nest when his nose caught the scent of blood. And after he had double-checked to make sure things were still calm at ‘home’, he followed the trail. As he neared the smell’s source, his surroundings became recognizable. He’d been this way recently. …this couldn’t be right… this…couldn’t be right. …but it had been.

And now. Just as his last good-byes to mom and dad. His last promise to Josie. And his last orders to Chris had. The last words he’d spoken to her echoed in his ears.

…Probably find ya before you get here…

All he could do was stand there and stare at something that shouldn’t shock him. Shouldn’t phase him. He’d seen worse things in the labs. Bodies mutilated. Twisted. Horribly disfigured mixes of human, animal, and something that couldn’t even be described as those. Things hundreds times worse than the wounds of war. Worse than this. And yet he felt haunted. …Cait’s body was just feet in front of him. A bullet wound in her chest. And her stomach torn open. …the sight would horrify most. But all he could do was stand and stare, trying his damnedest to understand.

Why? Why her? It had to have been in cold blood. She had no means of defending herself. …why take the baby? …his throat went dry and a cold wave of anger slowly flowed over him. His eyes finally narrowed from their relaxed state as he pulled them away from her, staring through the gates towards the large manor behind them. …there were still so many damn questions about this girl, and the evasiveness she’d shown when he asked her if things were okay. She never seemed certain when she answered him—never seemed…entirely honest. Never spoke of whoever the father of her kid was. The last two times he’d seen her she’d been distant. …there were dark auras coming from the manor. He’d felt something off about the place before, but…something was different. …and he didn’t like it. Didn’t trust it. …was this their doing? …she’d said she was friends with a cold blooded murderer…and the shot had to have been fired close by but no one had come out…—had she been dumped here? …

…he couldn’t leave her here. …he’d seen too many people cast aside after death like trash, or fed to that …horrible monstrosity in the labs. To leave her here would be no different. And he couldn’t do that to her. Not her. Not someone who’d done nothing but try to help him—the Nest, his family—even when she hardly knew them or anything about them. And even when she learned the truth, she didn’t change. She’d shown him nothing but kindness from the beginning. …whatever happened here, she didn’t deserve it. 

He’d yelled at her that day. Reluctantly accepted the things she’d dragged across Dublith for them then when she was four fucking months pregnant. Hadn’t gotten here fast enough to help her today. Fast enough to return the favor to her murderer. 

"…damnit, Cait…”

…he couldn’t leave her here…

Slowly, he walked the final steps to her body, kneeling and finding himself hesitant to even touch her. But he carefully pulled her into his arms, standing and turning away from the manor. …they weren’t far from the outskirts of Dublith. …there had to be a place to put her to rest there…

"…I’m sorry…."