"Little Miss No Name"

A while ago Hasbro came out with a line of dolls called “Little Miss No Name”. They didn’t really sell well for some obvious reasons. My grandmother had gotten for my little cousins, Madeline, birthday. The box that they had came in were especially creepy. On the back nothing was written, just a picture of a British looking neighborhood in a blizzard. The front said “I need someone to love, teach me to play. Please take me home, and brush my tear away.” No one would’ve expected Hasbro to make a doll, so, dark!

Now my cousin had basically the same bleach blonde hair as “The one with… The tear”. When she unwrapped it the doll gave most of us chills, but as most little girls do, she fell in love with it so we thought nothing of it. She shook the hand that was out, seeming as it is asking for change or food. She named it “Lucy Lue” and said “Don’t worry Lucy I’ll take good care of you!”.

Later on that day we were all mingling with one another, but Madeline had kind of isolated herself to play with Lucy. I decided to go up to her to see what she was up to. “Hey Maddie, Whatcha doin’?”

"Just playing with Lucy Lue! Making her feel welcome!"

I nodded and smiled. I looked at ‘her’ and I noticed something off about her. Her tear was missing and she had a smile instead of a frown. But since I hadn’t fully examined it before I kind of just shrugged it off. I told Madeline to put Lucy down for a minute to come join her party, and she did.

"Aww Lucy Lue don’t be sad I’ll be back in a little bit okay!" And set her down on the couch.

Now I know I didn’t get a good look the very first time I saw her, but I saw that the frown came back. I, again, shrugged it off and joined Maddie.

A few of us were staying late just to have fun and mess around. My aunt asked me if I could put Maddie to bed, since she was still young. I agreed and took her up to her room after cleaning up.

She grabbed Lucy, “C’mon, you get to sleep with me tonight! In a nice cozy bed!”

This time I saw the smile form by itself and I about had a heart attack. “Hey, Maddie, don’t you think Lucy would feel better sleeping with your other dolls? Just so she can get acquainted.” I convinced her and she put her in the toy chest after putting her favorite pink ribbon in her hair, and went right to sleep.

Later that night after most had left and the rest asleep, I was watching t.v. with the volume down low so I didn’t wake anyone or heard Maddie needing me. Not a peep from her room for a good three hours. Eventually I did hear small footsteps. I turned around and there was Madeline standing there, looking sad and pale. I waved her over and put my Palm on her forehead. She wasn’t really warm, she actually felt more cold. I grabbed a few throw blankets and wrapped her up in them to keep her warm and she laid down on my lap.

"Lucy got tired of the toy chest…"

"What?" I asked. "Did you take her out?"

She shook her head ‘no’ “I woke up and she was laying next to me, and she told me”

This kind of spooked me, and I wanted to think it was just her child imagination on the fritz, but knowing what I saw earlier it sent a few chills down my spine.

I got her a glass of water and carried her back to her room. I set her down in her bed and tucked her in her own blankets. And just as she said, there was Lucy, with that big grin on her face. I did the same as earlier and put the doll back in the chest.

I heard nothing the rest of the night.

The next morning I was awoken by my aunt. She had thanked me for helping out with Lucy. I groggily said “You’re welcome.” Something seemed a little off that morning but I couldn’t piece it together, like something drastic had happened. Lucy came down for breakfast, with the pink ribbon in her hair that she had received last night.

"Lucy, where’s your doll Madeline?" Her mother asked.

I had noticed she had a single tear steak down her left cheek.

"She’s out today, I don’t think she’ll be back though." She then looked at me with a grin, put one finger to her lips as saying ‘keep quiet’, and held out her right hand. Seeming as if it is asking for change, or food.

Preview: She-Hulk #7

Charles Soule
Javier Pulido
Muntsa Vincente
Kevin Wada
Marvel Comics
Wed, August 6th, 2014

• The return of superstar artist JAVIER PULIDO!

• Guest-starring Hank Pym!

• She-Hulk, Hellcat and Giant-Man team up to save one of Jen’s officemates…but what else does Hank Pym have at stake, and what isn’t he telling them?

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Surprise Twins Pony
My Little Pony (G1)

Got from Finland
Cost around 50€

Main and tail are cut and the stomach pouch tab is broken.. BUT the mechanism works and she came with her twin babies! Usually it is those two things missing and for the babies alone you usually have to pay a fortune!
To my acknowledge she was international release and is very hard to find. (Not in Finland tho.. I see mommies all the time and I’ve seen  mommies with twins. wat)