One of my senior projects. Took it upon myself to illustrate all the cards from the classic board game, Clue. Wanted to give it a 1960s aesthetic and was heavily influenced by the work of Bob Peak. These are the digital mockups of all the assets I designed over the semester, but I plan on getting some photos of the physical copies. 

Felt good to do some completely traditional art for a change. 



So…my period of joblessness is over for now, as I join the PlayDoh team at Hasbro to make…things >_>

I’m really really excited to be moving in a new direction artistically, and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on.

More news soon! <3

Packaging art for Transformers: Armada Sideways, scanned from the DK Readers children’s book The Uprising. While picking these up on the cheap, I learned that the subsequent DK Readers book, The Unicron Battles, offered a pretty concrete interpretation of Sideways and his origin…

Unicron’s core suddenly gave off a blinding white flash, and a figure materialized in the light.

"Sideways!" exclaimed Optimus. "You’ve been working with Unicron all along, haven’t you?"

"Actually, we are one and the same. This shell you’ve come to know as Sideways is just a disguise. For eons, I’ve absorbed energy from your war. The war that I started and planned so I could feed on your hate!" laughed Sideways smugly.

Optimus and Galvatron were too shocked to speak. They just stared in horror.

Then, in the sidebars:

Secret agent

Optimus Prime and Galvatron were shocked to learn that Sideways wasn’t really another Transformer at all. He was part of Unicron, disguised as a separate being.


Unicron created the identity of Sideways to help ensure that the war between the Autobots and Decepticons continued.

So… yeah, there’s that. Of course, even after that revelation, Sideways speaks of Unicron separately when the Mini-Cons and kids come to save Optimus and Galvatron ("Your confidence is misguided," said Sideways. "Unicron is more powerful than you."), but with that explicitness in his origin, I guess maybe he was just being dramatic?

Anyway, I will always be sad that Sideways’ evil Mini-Con hat didn’t get to be “Negatevo.”