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Star Wars female character meme: [2/4 actresses]

Natalie Portman

"I just try and do stuff that’s different, stuff that keeps me interested, learning new things, trying new things and having new experiences. I’ve been really lucky to get to keep working throughout and get to go to school and have a regular growing up experience too ,which I think has been really helpful because I’ve gotten to develop myself too. It’s not just like I get to play other people all the time. I’ve had time to figure out who I am and get a sense, not that that’s ever done, but that I’ve had that time for myself too. "

Kanye gives a lecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design

“ …I know that there’s more creativity to happen. And I know that there’s traditionalists that hold back the good thoughts and there’s people in offices that stop the creative people, and [who] are intimidated by actual good ideas.

I believe that utopia is actually possible – but we’re led by the least noble, the least dignified, the least tasteful, the dumbest, and the most political…”

The National Science Foundation keeps track of the doctorates granted by US universities each year. In this post, I’ve mapped recipients of doctoral degrees in 2012 (the most recent data available) by state and country. The top map shows the number of doctorates granted in each state, as well as the 20 universities that graduated the most doctoral students. The bottom map illustrates the citizenship of the students who received their doctorates in the USA. All countries that had at least 50 students are shown.

Both maps are influenced by population density, but there are some interesting outliers. The list of the 20 universities producing the most doctoral students may also surprise you…

Data source: http://www.nsf.gov/statistics/sed/2012/start.cfm