Alright, last Hellsing upload from SMF 2012 from our shoot with Rodney. These were my favorites <3
Save the best for last, right? Xd Marz’s face in the last panel just kills me. 

I’m sad that this will be the last of my newer Hellsing shots. I can’t wait to get Blood Seras done to do new pictures <3 I still have a few Hellsing shots from the recovery collection, though :)

Til my next Hellsing upload, enjoy my lovelies <3


Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing Cosplay: LordOnisyr
Alucard Cosplay: Maxieyi
Seras Victoria cosplay: Redustrial-Ruin (me)
Rip Van Winkle cosplay: HaruVamp


now momocon is now up video


Do you want to cosplay like Frozen ♬♫♪

Nothing is more wonderful that doing activities like a family and definitely  this parent is doing it right .
haruvamp was more than happy by seeing this little girl rocking Elsa’s costume, and who wouldn’t!!!

Ok this really really annoying! !! I got the right wig for mako for kill la kill…but it didn’t color…so now I just returned the color, cleaned the test piece on the wig. .. Copic marker did not worked either…I’m sorryTarachu IChooseyou….i wanted to join you at least at mako…yeah that did not worked out….costume done..just not ironed…and no wig…fml…..anybody got a mako wig…? #mako #killlakill #cosplay#cosplayer #haruvamp #anime

Getting here was hard enough now we have to wait to check in because its not available until guess what 4 p.m. No we have to put all the other stuff in back to check and grab all of the stuff for today’s costume and change at some amazing people’s rooms ♥♥♥ oh wait o.o breaking news we got a early check in thanks to the bellhop Doug we have our room ♥♥♥ #otakon2013 #otakon #otaku #haruvamp #cosplay