So, not the monster challenge I’ve been vaugely working on >.> But! It is the colored version of the last picture I posted of my own at least. Decided to try out a different version of shading for this one. Went a WHOLE bunch faster, but it wasn’t as presice and I think it’ll only work well for me with darker pictures… I like how this one turned out in the end though. ^^

So my amazing April made a ridiculously fun dating sim d20 for us girls to play for our “Girls’ Night” and I don’t think she realized the full extent of what she was getting herself into until a couple months ago when we’d only made it like two weeks into in-game time after a month of playing 1-2 times a week. lol and now she’s burnt out. Poor thing. Here are our girls back in middle school. I’ll give them each better info later.