Have I mentioned my little sister is an aggressive shipper yet. If not: she is an aggressive shipper. Which is why she is my little sister.

So yeah! Here are her reactions to episode 12 of Free! Eternal Summer~ The first time she heard someone speaking English in it, she nearly gave herself a heart attack. Also, I feel the need to mention she’s made herself an eternal vow to never say any of the characters’ actual names and to only ever call them by the nicknames she’s given them. … But during this episode, while imitating Lori, she said “Rin” … then collapsed onto my bed and proceeded to feel betrayed with herself for the next few hours.

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Haru’s Anaconda Don’t

How they would get their crush's attention:
  • Makoto:If Makoto is already considered too nice for his own good, then trying to get his crush's attention would prove it even further. He'd make sure to be around just in case his crush needs anything. He'd be set on getting his crush to know that he's always there for them, and that he would go to the ends of the earth to make them happy. As long as his crush is happy and notices him he'd be happy.
  • Haruka:Haruka isn't really one to show off or work hard for someone's attention. If they notice him or not is not his problem, unless it involves someone he's had his eyes on for awhile. Since Haru is in fact quite awkward around people, he wouldn't get their attention by just going up to them and casually starting up a conversation, or complimenting them. Instead, he'd take opportunity when someone he knows is talking to them, or if there's a moment where he can just sneak up into their lives. He'd probably act very nonchalant around them, even indifferent, but he wouldn't be able to hide his interest in them and they would find out sooner than later.
  • Rin:Rin would show off anything he can show off to try to get his crush to notice him. The moment they walk in a room and he sees them he'd start talking louder, laughing louder and doing anything to catch their attention. He might be so focused on them that he might even forget the people he's with or what he was doing. He's also a lot more likely to walk into something or someone because he was staring.
  • Nagisa:Nagisa wouldn't have to do anything different to catch their attention, his personality and presence is already so bright that they are definitely going to notice him. Since Nagisa is so cheerful and acts so familiar with everyone he's still going to need to try a little harder to get his intentions across to his crush. He'd just spend more time with or around them and be extra nicer to them than he would anyone else until they figure it all out.
  • Rei:Rei might try to impress his crush with his intelligence, and he might try to get their attention by casually talking to them, which might fail when he starts stuttering and mixes up his words. He wouldn't give up after embarrassing himself, he'd keep trying different strategies to catch their eye, he'd even look up 'how to get your crush to like you' on the internet.
  • Nitori:Nitori probably wouldn't be very fond of the idea of drawing attention to himself, but he'd try to get his crush to know that he'd do absolutely anything for them. He'd basically be a perfect and angelic little kouhai trying to get on his senpai's good side and make them proud. If his actions are misinterpreted and he ends up being treated more like a little brother, he'd try a little harder to get his true feelings across. Nonetheless, he'd be happy if his crush is happy.
  • Seijuro:Without a doubt getting his crush's attention would be ridiculously easy for Seijuro. His extroverted personality and cheerful demeanor would be quickly noticed by his crush. Not only would he make himself known to them, he'd go all out and try to woo them from the very start. He'd always talk to them, compliment them and ask them out every chance he gets even if he gets turned down. Sei isn't one to give up, but he wouldn't pressure them or make them go out with him. He'd wait until they say yes, and if they never do, being their friend would be alright with him since there are still so many cute people yet to meet.
  • Momotarou:Momo wouldn't have a problem getting his crush's attention because the moment he sees them he'll be all over them. When he has a crush on someone they will definitely know it. He'll give them presents, which would most likely be beetles, crafty things he made and cute little love letters. He'd still be a little happy even if his crush lets him just be their friend if they don't reciprocate his feelings.
  • Sosuke:The way Sosuke might try to get his crush to notice him is simply by befriending them. He'd be their friend and get to know them better and be there for them. He'd hang out with them a lot and would probably scare off anyone who tries to flirt with his crush. If everything is going right with his crush he might confess and just ask them out. If they refuse he wouldn't resent them, although he'd be disappointed it wouldn't make him like them less or leave them. He'd give it time and wouldn't lose hope.
  • Kou:Kou would try to be as close to her crush as she possibly can and she'd use every tactic she knows to woo somebody. She'd be more giggly and flirty and act cute around them, but her competitors should not let their guard down because a jealous Kou is a scary Kou.
Nose Kisses

I heard somewhere that sharks have super sensitive noses, and I immediately thought of rinharu, so here you go!

When Haru first found out about his boyfriend’s little weakness, it was at the movie theater. Rin had wanted to see some American movie, The Fault in Our Stars or something like that. Near the end, Haru’s boyfriend was tearing up, and it was simply too cute to ignore. So he leaned over and planted a small kiss on the tip of Rin’s nose, not expecting the following things to happen.

Rin’s cheeks turned a bright red as he spluttered slightly, burying his head in Haru’s neck, mumbling something along the lines of, “Why’d you have to do that?”

It was if the planets had aligned, after all, Rin knew he was ticklish and used it against him all the time, now Haru had leverage. And oh, was he gonna use it every chance he got.

It was at the dinner table, with cleaned plates in front of them and some boring animal documentary on the TV. Rin was laying with his head on Haru’s lap, talking about how Momo did something ridiculous at practice again. It was the perfect moment, Haru thought to himself, trying to suppress a small smirk at the mere thought of his boyfriend’s reaction. Without further hesitation, he leaned down and pressed his lips on Rin’s nose, watching with growing happiness as red spread across his face. Then Haru did it again, and again, and again before Rin finally shoved his face away and pressed his face into Haru’s stomach.

"Stop before I die, you idiot" his voice was muffled by Haru’s shirt, the heat from his face seeping past the fabric.

Haru let out a small laugh, “This is why I do it, also its revenge for that time you made me cry from laughing”

Rin just pressed his face closer, repeating “idiot” over and over, while Haru just combed through his boyfriends hair with his fingers. Rin never did move from his spot that night, somehow falling asleep in that uncomfortable position, and Haru slept sitting up for fear of waking him by moving. The next morning, the aching in their muscles was too much and they were forced to skip practice.