Emma Approved, episode 71: Glossary of words and phrases

Hi! (when said by Emma)
= How much did you hear?

Hi! (when said by Alex)
= I can’t stop smiling!

What are you doing?
= I just happened to be out in the hall, and, astonishingly, heard something suspicious.

Emma! We promised each other open communication.
= Oh gawd, do NOT do this to me again!!!

I just wanna make sure that she’s okay with it.
= I am terrified of her reaction.

Something tells me that you don’t need to worry about that too much.
= I have super-exciting information about the Marriet situation!

= If anyone interrupts what I’m about to say about Marriet, the fandom will kill him.

Aren’t you two ADORABLE?!
= Please don’t kill me folks, I’m just hitting a cue here.

Frank! How are you?
= Get your hand the hell off my shoulder.

Not as well as you are, Alex Knightley.
= The entire fandom wishes they were that hand right now. And the other one, too.

Oh, the life of the rich and idle.
= I hate you.

I felt like I owed you the whole story.
= You’re not the only one who’s been on a character growth journey, Emma Woodhouse.

That’s…very mature of you.
= Excuse me a moment, I have to pick my jaw up from the floor.

Maybe a little…too interesting
= I hate you.


I’m well aware of the image that you have of me.
= Your festering hatred of me is not as subtle as you think.

Can you blame me?
= You’re a jerk, man.

This lovely lady
= I find that apologies go more in my favour when I use blatant flattery.

Did you?
= A likely story!

It was obvious who her heart belonged to.
= It’s not just ladies who respond to blatant flattery.

Did he?
= Oh, we are going to discuss this later in private, Mr. Knightley.

I also suspect that you wouldn’t’ve made a move if it weren’t for me!
= I find that apologies go more in my favour when I manufacture reasons to be grateful for my screwups.

= I hope your thigh has a bruise tomorrow.

Not…in this case.
= I bet your thigh bruise will be worse than mine.

I don’t have to sit here and let you two gang up on me
= I need to go before I lose my s**t and challenge Frank to a pistol duel at dawn.

See you later?
= We’re gonna make love tonight, right?

Frank! Always a pleasure.
= I win, you lose, neener neener!

She finally replied to one of my messages!

She’s thinking about things.
= Check it out, fandom! You get all the knowledge of an eventual reconciliation between me and Jane, without any of the unbelievability of having her forgive me after just two weeks!

= I came out to make a nice apology and honestly I’m feeling so attacked right now.

Well, they had bought several wells in the country preventing the less privileged people from getting access to clean water.
= I’m going to hell.

Now you sound exactly like Jane.
= Okay, yes, I’m scum, do we have to rub it in?

Someone like me
= I’m so awesome.

Jane Fairfax

= Please ignore the fact that I’m making the international sign for “boobies” as I utter this adjective.

But this may be a long process.
= I’m in this for keeps.

I’ll wait for a bit and let Jane get settled starting her own foundation!
= I’m so proud of her I could burst.

I’m gonna make it clear that I’m serious about us.
= I want to put a ring on it.

So. Coffee?
= Truce?

Iced. Black.
= Truce.

I think we can manage that.
= Maybe you’re not so bad after all. Now get the hell out of Emma’s office.

Thanks…I’m good.
= I need nothing from you, you backstabbing wench!

Wow, that’s very…perceptive.
= Damn. The student has become the master.

Are you mad at me, because I completely understand if you are!
= I would feel a lot less guilty if you yelled at me a bit.

I’m not mad.
= I’m the nicest person on the face of the earth.

There will be no PDA in the office, we will keep it entirely professional!
= …until you leave for the day; then all bets are off. (I wonder how sturdy these desks are?)

Do you think you were always wrong about mine?
= I’ve never stopped having feelings for Martin.

I may take you up on that advice.
= I need to come up with a strategy to win Martin back!

I’ll…try my best.
= I have a snowball’s chance in hell of stopping a force of nature such as yourself.

I’ve started to appreciate everything around me.
= Hm, I wonder if I have any clothes with birds on them…

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