The Alpaca Whisperer- Chapter 2

The Alpaca Whisperer
an epic story of love, courage, and poultry

Hartbig AU by iloveyouinchinese & isilagdur.

Before you read this, make sure to read the prologue and chapter 1. These will give you some helpful context as to why all this is happening. Chapter three coming soon right here on this website probably next week but promises are for your parents to break, not us, so don’t take our word for it. 


Previously on AW:

Grace watched all this happen, and wondered. She watched and watched without really talking to that girl, because she didn’t have to and because she was still a little angry with herself for agreeing to spend an entire summer on an alpaca farm. It still seemed like a waste of time, for Grace.

Hannah, on the other hand, wasn’t wasting her time at all.

Summer 2003

After the first week of avoiding any real contact with Hannah in the barn, Grace caved. Talking to her would be awkward, of course, because they just seemed so… incompatible, but it would probably be more awkward to never talk to her outside of lunch and dinner. Probably. 

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Not With You [Chapter 10 (Part 1)]

A/N: Okay, so one message from a reader enjoying another author’s story turned into a close friendship, one awesome story and many more to come. I can’t believe we’re already in the final part of Not With You! It’s definitely been one hell of a ride, B and I agree, and I hope you guys have been enjoying!

Anyways, this is the final part and it was split into two because it’s super long, but we hope you like it!

Thank you all for coming along this ride!


I am nothing if I’m not with you.


Falling and Crashing


She’s always loved this picture of them.

She noticed it last night when she picked up the things that were knocked off her side table right on the pinnacle of pleasure, pressed in between the mattress and Hannah’s soft curves.

It was taken one day in the summer before 7th grade and her Mom had taken the two of them to the park for some ice cream. She remembers the day as sweltering, sweat running down her back as two best friends chased each other on the playground, mouths smeared with ice cream and smiles on their faces. Her Mom had stopped their running around and held up her film camera, asking the two girls to smile as they slung their arms around each other.

Her fingertip slightly runs against the surface of the photo, trailing her own face whose smile was wide and so happy. She remembers feeling nothing but pure lightness and joy that day, spent running around a park chasing the girl with the brunette pigtails.

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anonymous asked:

Please sketch Hannah and grace from the fic you're writing!! (plz make it cute)

"You need to kinda, you know, put them together. Like this."

They Call Them Trinity - Chapter 3

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There, dear anon! I still have some asks for sketches in my inbox, I am catching up :) I thought this was the cutest scene in Tctt so far… let me know if you think otherwise!

Shipping Rant (oopth)

It is funny when people say things about shipping ships that will never happen. Well some people don’t ship people together because it seems so real. Sometimes we just ship because they seem cute together. There is also even more reasons we ship people together but I don’t want to rant on and waste your time. So to the people who are hating people for shipping a ship that is not very realistic, back off dude. We can all be a happier fandom if we just ship people for fun other than just shipping because it seems more realistic.

Hartbig Fanfic: New Beginnings

Yah, yah I know Hartbig is dead…but still. Please remember these are all LIES!  Any similarity to real life situations and events are merely coincidental.

New Beginnings

Mamrie just left, muttering some excuse about forgetting leaving food out for Beanz. She left Grace and Hannah lounging out in the patio with their beers. It was such a pretty night, the sky was clear and you can almost make out the stars inspite of the lights of LA a few miles away. The temperature was just right, it was just a bit chilly but not enough to stay indoors. And as noisy as they were earlier with Mamie, the two settled into a comfortable silence.

It was Hannah who broke the silence.

“So, it’s really happening, huh?” She asked as she glanced at Grace.

“Yeah, I guess it is.” Grace answered.

“Cheers to new beginnings then.” Hannah said as she extended her beer bottle towards Grace.

Grace stared for a second before she clinked it with her own bottle. Then they both took a sip. Silence descended again.

“I always knew you were the marrying type inspite of everything you’ve said.” Hannah spoke up after a few minutes.

“Well, I didn’t.”

“And in a few years, you’ll probably be spewing out a few babies.” Hannah added as she grinned at Grace.

“Eww babies.” Grace said as she made a face at Hannah.

Hannah stood up and when she returned, she was carrying a bottle of vodka and two glasses. She set in-front of Grace and proceeded to fill up the glasses. She then handed one of the glass to Grace and took the other one as she sat down.

“So I guess our ‘My Bestfriend’s Wedding’ deal is off.” Hannah said with a laugh after she took one swig from her glass.

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