a traditional “headtree” commission for harshai, whose patience has been appreciated beyond words.  Characters depicted belong to them.  I hope I did a decent job!  (Info: this type of commission basically consists of small portraits, of up to three characters, with different views/expressions.)


Dex doll is done! He turned out huuuge!

He is a psychedelic beast, shapeshifter and a good fella of mine. It was much fun working on this project, and I am so happy that he turned out exactly how we planned! 

This is a completely custom OOAK doll that I made for harshai. Character and the concept are belong to her. (I will not be making more dolls like him.)

40cm (16 inches) tall, face is made of sculpey, hands, ears and feet are cast in resin, and the body is soft (no joints or skeleton armature inside), sideburns are made of yarn. Blue ornaments and eyes on the hands are painted with UV reactive paint and glowing in the blacklingt.

Attention! This is a piece of art. Not a toy for small children. Completely handmade, one of a kind.

Harshai, you are awesome…alpaca <:’D I hope, you will find friend of your dream, just because you are reeeeally nice person. And alpaca.

I’m so sorry that I can’t draw something better <:l