Please see this. Harry Styles

It’s just a 19 year old guy fulfilling his dream , I do not understand why so much hatred towards him. Perhaps it ’s the insulted ? I abused? HATED ? To you ? , NO he just wants to live his life, to be a normal boy fulfill their dreams. NEVER in my life seen a guy as strong as it is Harry Edward Styles Cox, with only 19 receives both “ abuse ” from Haters , journalists, bloggers , or just people who judge without knowing its history .
You think he likes to hear comments about it, such as HEARTBREAKER (I mean in the sense of going out with girls and treat him bad “boyfriend” ) , NO TALENT , BAD GUY , GAY ( In fact , I’m Larry Shipper , and to me the word GAY is not an insult , but I think it is nice to hear all day from people who just want to hurt you ) .
Many people today judge without knowing , believe that he does not hurt? HURT really give those who insult for the simple fact of having him envy, HURT .
Just that , I ask you to read your story , you learn his songs , you are a fan, just ask RESPECT my idol. No one would like to hear bad comments about people ’s love , in this case , the idols .
No matter if your idol is rock , or whatever , you will not like to have millions of insulting people , if they want to be respected respected .
For Directioners to walk is not nice to see one of their idols or hurt by bad miss that criticize it for being as it is.
Just that.

Thank you very much .

@ 1DAreFiveGays