im pretty sure this has actually happened tho

One Direction (and Larry) happenings from February - May 2015

> Louis and Harry having a “toilet break” TWICE on stage

> ‘Always in my heart’ reaches one million

> Harold

> Louis became and egg

> Niall and Melissa rumors

> “I’m gay it’s pretty unfortunate”

> ”Loueh” “Oii Oii”

> Zayn cheating Rumors

> Zayn takes a “break” from the tour

> Elounor break up

> Louis “cheating” pictures released

> Zayn officially leaving One Direction 

> Louis’ twitter argument with Naughty Boy

> “I like vegetables” “Broccoli”

> Football with a towel (Louis and Harry) on stage

> “I think HIS is a better word”

> Louis helping Harry with his solo

> Larry Coca Cola AD

> One Direction leaving Modest! drama

> One Direction official twitter unfollowing Modest!

> The Sony leak

> Louis being more active on social media

> Zayn shaved his hair

> Zayn going to the Asian Awards and taking pictures with fans

> Louis posting in B&W on Instagram

> Louis clubbing

> Niall, Liam and Louis at the Gatsby Ball

> Louis gets his own record label

> Louis drugs scandal

> Louis and Liam fly to LA

> Louis and Harry supposedly out in LA together

> Naughty Boy and Louis twitter argument over a MacBook filter

> Zayns’ tweet to Louis

> #OhNoNiall

> News of one direction presenting on the Billboard Music Awards


> The Late Late show with James Corden

> Billboard pictures of Harry and Louis sat together for the show

> Harry and Louis NOT sat together

> #OhNoLiam

> Other Coca Cola ADs with all of the boys (except Larry)

> Louis pictured with Taylor

> #AlwaysInMyHeartLarry

> Niall and Jade rumors

> Britain’s Got Talent with Niall and Louis

> Harry supposedly bought Louis a t-shirt

> Louis and Lauren spotted together

> Zerrie break up rumors

> Rumors of Zayn returning to the band

> #OhNoLouis

And that’s it so far. Add on things I missed or send me an ask so that I can include them in the correct order. This just proves how much the One Direction Fandom go through…