So I’ve watched HP and the Deathly Hallows last night and I couldn’t help but think of this SnK HP AU. Okay, hear me:

  • Mikasa would be Harry. Harry has a scar, and Mikasa has her Clan Symbol. Harry’s parents died trying to protect him, and it’s kinda the same with Mikasa’s parents.

  • Eren would be Ron, because Ron is Harry’s best friend, and his family welcomed him, just like the Jaegers did with Mikasa (not to mention both Ron and Eren are dorks, in a good way).

  • Armin would be Hermione, because, you know, smartass.

  • Annie would be Malfoy. You know how Malfoy is actually kind but his father kinda forces him to do bad things. I can’t help but think of Annie because it’s sort of the same. I believe she’s a very nice person from inside, but her father got her to do bad things. Crabbe and Goyle are Bertholdt and Reiner.

  • Levi would be Snape. And okay this is the important part: You know how Snape was in love With Lily (Harry’s mom) so imagine Levi being in love with Mikasa’s mother, and then he sees her daughter who looks exactly like her and bam. And you know how Dumbledore tells Snape “He has his mother’s eyes.” Just imagine Pixis (who’d be Dumbledore. Idk I can’t think of someone else rn) telling Levi “She has her mother’s eyes.” and he just gets some hopes back and swears to protect Mikasa like dfghjklmghjkiljk (SHOOT ME RIGHT IN THE FEELS)

  • As for the Marauders; Mikasa’s dad, Erwin, Nile and Mike? (I’ll have to think more about this)

  • Hanji would be professor Sybill Trelawney. I mean, come on, the glasses and all the craziness etc. XDD

  • EDIT: I ALMOST FORGOT!!! Idk if it’s suitable enough but I nominate Kenny to be Voldemort. 

Okay yeah, if I didn’t have to focus on my studies this year, I would work harder on this headcanon and turn it into a fanfic (which I might do eventually anyway).

anonymous said:

MORE HARRY POTTER COPHINE, please, also you're an amazing writer and person, thanks

The two girls swam in their cloaks when they sped down the hallway, flashes of ice blue and snake green curling in the blur of blonde curls and smiles, the school silent as night. 

"Co-si-ma, arrête," Delphine leaned into the other girl, laughing uncontrollably but still keeping pace as the heels of their shoes echoed in the stone hallway, "I need to…I need to catch my breath for a moment."

They both paused, slipping into a narrow hall, and, as Delphine leaned her back against the stone for support, Cosima pressed into her, one arm on either side, pausing just before their lips touched to whisper, “Think Filch’s rat of a cat will find us here, hmmm?” 

Minific prompts are things i like

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How about some harry potter au clone club shenanigans? (:

"Yeah, well, heard someone was in ‘great need’ of the Room of Requirement last night,” Beth nudged Cosima on the shoulder, taking a bite of Wizochoc and waggling her eyebrows as Sarah chimed in, “Oi, I heard Murtle wasn’t tha only one moaning.”

Cosima dipped her head, looking up to Beth with a guilty smile as Alison looked up from her Potions notes with a disapproving glare, slapping Sarah on the back of the head, “I swear, Cosima, if you and Delphine don’t learn to…control your…desires, you’re both gonna get in trouble.” 

"Ay," Tony chimed in, patting Cosima on the back and twiddling his wand between his fingers, "I, for one, think this chick deserves congratulations…about to ace her OWLS and has a hot Frenchie on her arm? Now that’s good magic.” 


The first time I saw Harry was on the field during the Games. Everybody had set off running towards the woods, away from the Cornucopia, when the game makers started releasing the mutts, but not Harry. He was running in completely the opposite direction. I passed him as he ran right towards the very monsters everybody else was running from and I was thinking to myself, “This guy is going to get himself killed.” That was before he whipped out a tree branch, muttered what seemed to me as utter nonsense at the time and blew them all away. That’s the day I realized that magic existed. Even in this hopeless hellhole world of mine. (A HP/THG Crossover AU)

anonymous said:

how 'bout some punky monkey Hogwarts au aw yeeeeeah

"Bollocks, Cos’, McGonagall was right…there’s no way in bloody hell I’m passing the OWLS at this rate," Sarah slammed her herbology notes closed on the table of the Great Hall, running her hands through the mane of hair on her head. 

"Okay, okay, babe," Cosima diffused the air with the wave of her hands, reaching over to grab the notes and push them towards her, "You’ll be fine…you just need a change of perspective…so, um…the fanged geranium was the…"

Sarah watched Cosima ramble, barely listening, as Cosima’s cloak slid up her arms and revealed enchanted tattoos crawling over her wrists, and she couldn’t help but think she was starting to study a whole new brand of magic — one that was much more vibrant than the ecological shite she was forced to memorize for class. 


rec list

ok so i decided to start a rec list and this will definitely build up after time but here we go:

teen wolf:

Permanent fixtureSTEREK au, no werewolfs. Derek is Scott’s older bother and Derek and Stiles watch doctor who and it’s just great and perfect and long and probably one of my favourite ever.

Just Act NormalSTEREK AU- stiles is an actor, has the same things as season two so i guess spoilers too. Derek’s a deputy. 

Don’t Speak: STEREK- alpha pack involved, Stiles loses the ability to speak/hear/communicate/read etc and over time he builds it up and Derek kind of helps and it’s all pretty sweet but sad at the same time.

Baking My Way Into Your Heart: STEREK college/coffee shop AU. Stiles works at Derek’s normal coffee shop, and bakes him food and it’s sweet like the baked goods and it’s a good length and laura is perfect and yep, good read.

We Are So Intimately Rearranged: STEREK coffee shop AU. I read this ages ago but I remember loving it. Stiles’ senior year of high school with classic Derek.

Give Me Back My Bones: STEREK coffee shop AU. Read a while ago, absolutely loved it. ‘Derek meets Stiles on a Wednesday. He comes in for his usual cup of coffee and somehow walks out with hot chocolate, cinnamon on the top, and no idea what just happened there.

No Refills: Sterek AU. Derek’s the owner of a cafe, Stiles always makes him have to take the late shifts. Long and sweet and funny and yep.

You Had Me At Latte BatmanSterek AU. Another coffee shop fic, this time Derek makes art in Stiles’ coffee. 

Voldemort and Jean Valjean: STEREK AU. Stiles always gives fake names at coffee shops. One of my favourites.

Hear His AlibiesSTEREK AU. Derek burns the house down after the first fire, the Stilinski’s take him in. John POV. The sequel/companion fics ruined it for me personally as this is a sweeter side but yep. 

The Epic Love Of Scott McCall: STEREK AU. Stiles is an angel.

Never Cage A Rabid Wolf: STEREK AU. Stiles gets sent to prison and his cell mate is Derek.

Prince Among Wolfs: STEREL AU. Derek has two werewolf kids and Stiles becomes his baby sitter.

On Building an IKEA Den for an Alpha Werewolf: STEREK. Prom dates and Ikea shopping basically.

Promises aren’t meant to be broken: STEREK. Laura and Stiles are best friends.

Truth or Dare: STEREK. Derek loses the ability to tell the truth aka everything he says is the opposite. 

Stapp’s Ironical Paradox: STEREK i have no words for this i stayed up until 3 am and it was hard but this is perfect and wow

Here’s To The Static: STEREK. Derek’s a famous musician and Stiles works at a coffee shop, it’s pretty great yet it’s a WIP and I don’t usually read WIP. It gets update pretty regularly though.

Words To MeSTEREK. Derek’s in a famous band and Stiles is a cook, they text a lot. It’s a WIP again but there’s only one chapter left.

There Is a Brotherhood: STEREK. College AU, Frat prank wars, what more is there to say??

Daddy Do’sSTEREK AU. Stiles has skills when it comes to hair and Lydia is Derek’s daughter. 

Derek Hale’s Very Bad, No Good (Nice) SummerSTEREK. Hale family is kind of like the Adams family if you’ve watched that film or whatever. Really good, kind of weird in places, but tbh it’s definitely one of my favourites. Also has a good Scott/Stiles friendship which a lot of fics lack. Scott is Derek’s brother in this fic.

Soulmates tbh: STEREK. I wish that this was longer as it has such an amazing plot. As the title suggests, Stiles and Derek are soulmates.

Call Me, Maybe (but not in the library)STEREK, college and wrong number fic kind of combined into two. It’s just a great fic idk how to describe it. it’s a college au with werewolfs which is rare. 

Game OnSTEREK and yet another college AU. really sweet and cute, I haven’t read it for a long time but yeah it was a good read. 

LosersSTEREK. College, Derek and Stiles are roommates, Stiles is a jock and cool and Derek totally isn’t.

chantes une nouvelle chanson pour moiSTEREK. A mix of Harry Potter and Teen Wolf, my two favourite things so why wouldn’t I love this? Stiles is Hufflepuff and Derek is an exchange student from  Beauxbatons. Really great, obviously.  


Jump The Track: DESTIEL, probably the first supernatural fic i’ve loved. high school au, it’s pretty perfect.

Tangled Roots: DESTIEL. one of those known each other since kids, grow up together fics. it’s really sweet in places, i got a little confused with the time jumping. one of my faves, slow build.

America’s Next Top Chef: DESTIEL. This is great, makes you hungry like a lot especially when you’re reading it on an empty stomach. One complaint is that Castiel isn’t written completely in character.

The Breath Of All Things: DESTIEL. This was written beautifully, there were a couple of errors here and there but it was written as realistic as it could and i honestly really enjoyed it. Dean gets paralysed from the bottom down and has trouble with his hands, Castiel is a volunteer and he helps Dean.

Gay For a Day: DESTIEL. Castiel and Dean hate each other, Cas is Sam’s best friend. Yet Cas and Dean become room mates and then later own a sex line.

Try-Something TuesdayDESTIEL. Really sweat fic where Dean’s an Elementary School teacher and Cas is a Liberian. 

Crossroads StateDESTIEL. It is long but a good read. 50k. Castiel is a religious teacher I think? Dean’s a mechanic, as always, but a really good read and one of my favourites. 

In This Secluded Spot I Respond As I Wouldn’t Dare Elsewhere: DESTIEL. If you’re in the need for a pick me up high school AU, this is definitely the one for you. It’s the perfect mix of fluff and angst, yet still makes you happy at the end. Does include serious bulling if that’s a trigger for you. Sam isn’t mentioned, which is kind of weird. Set in 1995.

Your Call Cannot Be Completed As DialedDESTIEL. Yet another destiel because apparently that’s all I read lately. Or, I’m waiting for more sterek fics to be made; who knows. This is the text the wrong number cliché kind of thing but it’s written perfectly, especially the characters. It says it’s not complete but I’m 99% sure that it is. Even if it is still a WIP it could easily be left there and you would still fill fulfilled. Anyway, good read.

Lovingly Crafted and Tenderly PackagedDESTIEL. Castiel owns his own company where he designs his own t-shirts, Sam messages him asking if he can make one for Dean.

Twist and Shout: DESTIEL. Okay, warning: this is perhaps one of the saddest things I’ve ever read, however it’s also the best. To not spoil it, here’s the author’s description: What begins as a transforming love between Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak in the summer of 1965 quickly derails into something far more tumultuous when Dean is drafted in the Vietnam War. Though the two both voice their relationship is one where saying goodbye is never a real truth, their story becomes fraught with the tragedy of circumstance. In an era where homosexuality was especially vulnerable, Twist and Shout is the story of the love transcending time, returning over and over in its many forms, as faithful as the sea.


Sexual Harassment in the WorkplaceGallavich.Mickey just needs to keep his head down and stay out of trouble at his new job. Still trouble always manages to find him and when it takes the form of his red haired boss, Mickey’s not sure he can resist even if he wanted to. (Gallavich AU)

The Halfway HouseGallavich. This is just really lovely. After his mum took off, Ian sort of expected he’d wind up in foster care. What he didn’t expect was to meet a sort of dirty boy called Mickey Milkovich there.

A/S/LGallavich. AU, where Ian and Mickey meet online but become best friends in real life too. 

You Are Inked On My Skin Long Before We BeginGallavich. Soulmate AU because every fandom needs at least one good soulmate AU.

Take Me In: Gallavich. Mickey’s Dad finds out about Mickey being gay and even though Ian’s not there, but he finds the Gallaghers are still willing to take Mickey in.

Bullets, Blunts and Baseball: Gallavich. I’d like to say it’s canon up until mid season 4? but it’s all a big blur for me. Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich have been best friends since Little League, everyone on the South Side knew that. They didn’t know that it was bound to become something more.

KaleidoscopeMickey Milkovich is a history teacher. Ian Gallagher is a student in one of his classes. Hijinks will ensue!

Dancing All Over My  Soul: Gallavich, High school au. Mickey knew his crush was pointless. He had basically fallen head over heels for the fucker the first time his eyes passed over him. With his fiery red hair, eyes greener and clearer than emeralds, and perfect, freckle dusted skin, yeah – Mickey had it bad. Ian fucking Gallagher. Fucking, fucking, Ian Gallagher. Fuck.

Private (School) PartsGallavich: Ian hadn’t expected much from his junior year of high school, spent at the prestigious and expensive boarding school the Chicago Academy. Then he meets Mickey Milkovich, his detention-seeking, chain smoking, rebel-without-a-cause roommate, attending the school on a scholarship he never wanted, and everything changes.

Harry Potter:

ah, so last summer I had a slight love for both Snarry and Drarry fics and before that I loved dramoine. So whilst I haven’t saved or bookmarked my favourites I’m going to search until I recognize some and rec them here. 

The Paradox of Existence: Snarry, As I just explained I haven’t read this for nearly a year. But, Harry goes back in time to yano when his parents and snape were at school and teaches them, so it’s a reverse role ITS VERY COMPLICATED TO EXPLAIN BUT VERY GOOD.

The Loft: This is Drarry and this is actually my favourite thing I’ve ever read I probably read it a couple of years ago but it’s just so good. 

more to come but yeah, i’ve read a lot more fics than this it’s justi don’t save the links. so when i come across a link and go ‘yeah, i remember this’ i add it on. or if i read a new one.

We’re super excited to announce Hank’s new perk - his first HARRY POTTER FANFICTION with narration by Hank and Evanna Lynch!

Fanfiction is pretty rad in and of itself, but this one’s by Hank Green! How awesome is that?

It’s titled The Womb of Requirement and it’s about a teen mom who gives birth in the Room of Requirement. The money will go towards funding another year of the HPA fighting for equality.

You can get it - along with a bunch of cool perks - at the Equality FTW page.

puppycormierr said:

those cophine hp au things were amazing ahhh. how about cophine in hogsmeade???

"Co-si-ma!" Delphine squealed, tugging at the blue and bronze scarf that hung around Cosima’s neck as they walked out of Honeydukes, the other girl floating a few inches of the ground. 

In Cosima’s mouth, the Fizzing Whizzbees sparked as she laughed, nearly hitting her head on the low-hanging sign, “Is this what it looks like from up here, Ms. Cormier?” 

Delphine tugged at her winter cap, giggling at the girl who was momentarily tall enough to meet her eye-to-eye, and their cold, pink noses touched, “Vas-y, time to share,” she said, kissing Cosima and letting the candy slip into her mouth, until they were both literally floating on air. 


“You don’t know the first thing about me, Potter! Stop pretending that you understand me when you don’t.” Lily snapped, her cheeks blazing crimson as the room full of students looked on. James stood dangerously close to her, towering over her – thanks to his most recent growth spurt – with his hands buried in his trouser pockets as he glared down at her.

But she was wrong, James Potter knew a lot about her, he did understand her more than she realised. He knew Lily drank her tea with sugar and milk, because she thought the taste of plain tea was bland. He knew she woke up early on Sunday’s to sit by the lake, because she liked the way the sunrise looked over the water. He knew she was brilliant at Potions, but her favourite subject was Charms. James also knew that Lily cried when The Beatles broke up. He knew that she always cut the crusts off her toast, because the crusts ‘make your hair curly’. That she hated pumpkin juice because of the pulp. He knew she thought wearing make up to class was a waste of time. James knew whenever Lily Evans was silent; something was very, very wrong. He knew she blushed more when she was angry, than when she was embarrassed. He knew that she chewed the ends of her hair when she was nervous. And that she bit her nails while she studied. He knew that she still preferred Muggle novels to Magical ones; because the stories were a piece of home. He knew she missed her dad more than anything in the world; he knew that a little piece of her died the day that he did. He knew she hated her hair, but could never bring herself to change it. He knew she didn’t hate Sirius as much as she pretended to. He knew she adored being adored by the first years.  He knew that she hated the Dark Arts, but he also knew that she missed Severus Snape. He knew that his friendship meant the world to her; and knowing that was gone still hurt her sometimes. But mostly, James knew that Lily Evans was more complex and obscure than even she realised. She was stubborn, yet forgiving. She was an awful procrastinator, but she never once handed homework in later. She never forgot birthdays. She was compulsive, and neurotic. She followed every rule she could have; but the day she got detention for punching Lucius Malfoy in the face, James could have sworn he saw her grin. But more importantly than all that; James knew that she was having a rough week, and that maybe, just maybe – she was picking a fight with him because she needed a win. She needed something to be right about.

He stared down at her, his hands still buried deep in his pockets. With the most earnest voice he could muster, he lied, “You’re right, Evans. I don’t know the first thing about you. In fact, I don’t know anything about you.”

“I’m – I’m what?”

“You’re right.”

“Are you ill?”


“Are you ill?” She repeated, narrowing her eyes at him suspiciously, “You never admit that I’m right.”

“Because you’re never right.”


James could have sworn he saw the sides of her mouth twitch. 


AU; Harry Potter characters competing in The Hunger Games

Hermione walked into the deadly silent Great Hall, frustrated with herself. She was never late. And now every eye was trained on her. But instead of the satisfied smirks the Hogwarts students wore when Gryffindor’s princess was caught doing anything wrong, the eyes were filled with pity. What was happening?

"Miss Granger, perfect timing,” a voice drawled. Dolores Umbridge’s awful pink face was grinning at her, a slip of paper crumpled in her pudgy hand. Behind Hogwarts current makeshift headmaster, Hermione saw the familiar faces of Harry, Ron, Ginny, Neville, and Luna. Standing a bit apart from them stood that prat Draco and his partner in crime Pansy. Actually, there were several other students from all the other houses up there as well. They looked absolutely petrified.

"As a punishment for the constant disrespect I have been receiving from all of the students, we will be having a competition. It has been approved by the Minister of Magic, with some…erm…convincing on my part."

Hermione took a deep breath to brace herself for one of Umbridge’s horrifically creative ideas. But nothing could have prepared her for what came next as Umbridge continued speaking.

"I have chosen 6 students from each house, randomly of course, to make this a game of 24 contestants. Those standing with me were chosen, and you had the luck to be chosen as well, Miss Granger,” Umbridge smirked, waving the paper victoriously in her hand. “We have spent a week building an arena for you to compete in. You will hand in your wands immediately after this and you’ll be placed in combat. You will fight till the death until one of you is standing. You may not use magic, and there may only be one victor.”

Hermione heard her own audible gasp of shock and she locked eyes with her best friends. This couldn’t be happening. Where was Dumbledore?

"I’m sure you have a wealth of knowledge of muggle weapons, considering your heritage, Miss Granger. The games will begin tomorrow at 8 a.m. You will spend the night with your fellow contestants in a locked chamber guarded by dementors.”

Hermione watched as the smallest tear escaped from Harry’s eye. She now noticed the brass handcuffs on Ron’s hands, cutting red lines into his skin where he had struggled. Neville’s eyes were closed as if he was convincing himself he was dreaming. Luna had never looked paler. Ginny seemed to be shaking all over. Pansy was whispering to herself what seemed to be last words of encouragement.

It was Draco Malfoy that really startled her though. His eyes were trained on her, and they had been the whole time. The rest of the room was looking at the floor or Umbridge. But Draco’s eyes never left Hermione, and for once she didn’t feel the sting of prejudice or insult beneath his stare. And as Umbridge rose to give her final remarks, Draco’s lips moved. No one else in the room noticed, but Hermione did. He mouthed words that would echo in her head for the rest of the night. “I have a plan to keep us all alive,” she read his silent lips. “Trust me, Granger.” It was so quick she was unsure it even happened. But before she could process it, she was grabbed by one of Umbridge’s minions and dragged towards the front of the Great Hall with the others.

"May the odds be ever in your favor,” Umbridge cooed.

anonymous said:

Your cophine hp prompts are LIFE. How about one where some girl slips cos some love potion spiked chocolates and delphine tries to get her cured, trying to be helpful while trying not to be too annoyed and jealous.

"Okay, but, Del…I’m in love with her…I mean, I haven’t met her but…you saw the way she looked at me in the hall, right, I mean…she looked at me…” 

Delphine tried to focus on the sound of the bubbling liquid instead of the babbling of her girlfriend across the desk, but she couldn’t help looking up at Cosima, who’s eyes were clouded with a fantasy-land, “Oui, I saw…she’s…she’s okay,” was all Delphine could muster in response. 

Okay?!" Cosima squealed, the legs that dangled from the table banging out a tune that matched the continued ramble of the girl, and Delphine leaned closer to the green liquid she was stirring, knowing that the more she focused, the quicker she’d have Cosima’s eyes aimed only at her, once more.