He's Going To Propose, But Not To You

"Okay, so, I know she liked the heart shaped ones. She never said specifically anything, though" Harry muttered, bending down to get a better look at the rings that were on display.
An eery silence was spread along the store, Y/n’s back pressed against a wall as she played with her frizzy hair.
She couldn’t show what she truly felt—the deep sadness within her. She knew that he loved her. It was written on his face, as if tattooed right upon his forehead.
Even when he claims he loves Y/n more than any other girl, she knows it’s not true. The way he stares at her is something she thought only existed in Nicholas Sparks books, or the look Michael gave Suzanne in James Patterson’s book.
“Y/n come here, do you like this one?” He asked, waving his two fingers in his direction, never taking his eyes off of the ring.
She sighed, throwing herself off of the wall as she made her way over to the display box.
She gasped, the most beautiful ring she had ever seen was being shown. She has never seen anything like it. It was like every girls dream, the way it shined in the light to where it nearly blinded you.
“W—wow, that’s beautiful.”
“I think that’s the one.”
Harry smiled, quickly walking toward assistence to come pick his selection. Y/n dozed off. It was just a ring, it was just a steel circle with diamonds, yet it means so much. It’s a symbol of trust, a symbol of love and destiny, strength and commitment.
It was everything she could never receive from him.
“I would like, that one, that one right there” Harry smiled.
The employee smiled brightly, letting out a low “ah” as he unlocked the case.
“Best one here. By far the most brilliant engagement ring a man can ever buy for his lover. Must be one special lady.”
Harry sighed contently, his smirk slowly turning into a smile as he blushed.
“More than you will ever know. Thank you.” He said, reaching for the ring he’s been admiring.
Y/n didn’t flinch, she just kept playing with her hair. She didn’t want to see him so happy, because a part of her wished he wasn’t. A part of her wanted him to hold back—realize that this wasnt what he wanted.
But it was. It was more than what he wanted.
“You have the same ring size as her, right? Can I try it in you?” Harry asked Y/n, pulling her away from her thoughts.
She nodded, sticking her left hand out in front of her, spreading her ever-too-thin fingers to give him more access.
He nodded, holding the ring gently between his two fingers, carefully sliding it on her ring finger.
Y/n’s heart broke. She had always imagined Harry putting on the engagement ring, asking the cherished four words every girl wants to hear, while he kneeled down on one knee right before her.
But it wasn’t real. This wasn’t what she imagined. He wasn’t doing this for her, he was doing it for somebody else.
She immediately held his wrist, preventing him from putting it on any further.
“Y/n? You okay?” Harry asked, but she ignored him.
Her entire body seemed to collapse. In stiff movements, she pushed his arm away, and without any words spoken, she walked away from him.
She could hardly keep her balance, her tears blocking what was in front on her. She was choking, choking on her self-pity and enormous jealousy. Her feelings all bundled inside her chest and she felt like she couldn’t breathe.
She stumbled out of the store, onto the streets, where everything felt like a dream. She placed an open palm upon her forehead, the pain of her thoughts pounding against her head.
She could see the stares of people around her, looking as if something was wrong. Yet none of them did anything. She didn’t care. She kept walking. Her sobs punching against her throat, trying to escape.
“Ma’am, ma’am are you okay?” A man asked, but it sounded so distant, and he was seen as a blur.
She wasn’t aware of how far she walked, or how long it had lasted until she finally bumped into somebody she knew.
“It’s okay, Y/n, it’s okay” Zayn whispered, holding her hody tightly against his.
He had picked up her feelings for Harry, he picked it up years ago. But now that she’s like this, he had to let her know he did.
“I—I—I wish he loved me” she screamed in his chest, punching her fists against his shoulders.
She collasped. She was weak—weak against herself and weak against her body. Zayn sat down with her, leaning against a building with everyone walking by them, taking glances as what was unfolding.
Y/n was pulling at his clothes, punching his body, screaming into him, but he didn’t care. He couldn’t imagine what this felt like for her.
Finding his way against her movements, Zayn scooped her body into his. She immediatley settled down, her tears the only part of her that was alive.
“I couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to see Vanessa love someone else, I couldn’t,” Zayn mumbled, referring to his long term girlfriend, “but you gotta be strong, yeah? Remember it’s not like this, alright? Like, look at how many people care about you. You have so many people who love you more than you love them, if that’s even possible. But I can’t see one of my best friends like this. I really can’t.”
Y/n squeezed him, nuzzling her face deeper into his chest.
“I can’t. I wish I could, but he’s all I’ve ever loved, Zayn. He is the only person I could ever love.”
More sobs raked through her body, and even though Harry was the light of her life, the fire of her loins, it was then she wished she had never met him.


/shake what your mama gave you/

My Everything

Niall: I can’t deny, I really miss him.
His clothes were always everywhere. Pants, tshirts, shoes, and underwear littering every inch of your apartment. But it always made you feel comfortable. Even when he was away on tour or visiting home, you knew he would be back just by seeing his things scatted around. Looking around now and seeing the floor free from his clutter, you felt a twist in your chest. You grabbed the last of your bags and piled them up in your trunk. “I guess this is it…” you choked as you got into your car. Before you could even start it, your face sunk into your hands and you just cried. You didn’t know how you were going to move on from this, and you couldn’t deny that you would probably be in love with Niall Horan forever.

Harry: So it’s time I push my pride away.
"God, why are you so clingy?! I can’t leave for two seconds without you assuming things!" You’re screaming again, for the third time in the past two days. "Well, sorry that I’m just a little bit protective of you! Maybe I just want you to stay in with me sometimes! You’re never home anymore! What am I supposed to think?! Can’t you ever think about my feelings for once?!" He roars back. This made your body shake and lip quiver. Did he really feel this way? Normally, you would just push the feelings aside because you didn’t like dealing with the anger and sadness, but you had to learn to open yourself up- heart and mind- and listen to him. "I-I’m sorry, Harry." You slowly walked towards him, arms folded across your chest. "I love you, and I’m going to listen from now on. This relationship isn’t just about me, and I realize that. But you can’t just assume I’m out doing wrong. My heart belongs to you forever, ya know." You chuckle at the end. He wraps his arms around you and rubs your back. "You’re right, I’m sorry. I love you more than forever, ya know."

Louis: I guess you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.
Of all days, you had to bump into him today. You had woken up late, throwing your hair up and grabbing your things in a rush so you had time to grab a coffee. But of course, as fate my have it, in your speedy attempt to get to class you crashed into him. “I’m so so-” you looked up when you realized who it was. “No, it’s my fault. Here, I’ll help you.” he grips your wrist and takes you to get cleaned up. “Louis, I’m running late as it is, don’t worry about it.” You were blushing like mad and trying your best not to cry. “I’ve got it…” he quietly cleaned up your shirt, and bought you a new coffee. He was always taking care of you, and maybe that’s why things didn’t work out. You had been a mess since the break up, and you just wanted things to be back to normal. You never knew how much you really needed Louis until he was out of your life, and as you walked away from him to your car, you felt a sting in your heart and a lump in your throat. Your phone buzzed, and you had a text that read “I miss you so much.”

Liam: You’re traveling with my heart, I hope this is a temporary feeling.
"What time is it?" You asked through the screen of your phone. It was your daily FaceTime date with Liam, and he had just gotten done playing in France. “About 2 am. Why are you up so late? Don’t you have classes in the morning?” You hummed, pulling his sweatshirt over you more. “Just wanted to see how the show was, and tell you that I miss you.” You shivered as his big smile lit up. “I miss you too, love. It went well, it was really fun! I can’t wait to take you to America with us. We’re gonna have a blast.” He giggled as he talked. You smiled with him, loving how happy he was tonight. Usually he’s just really tired and doesn’t want to talk much, says he likes to watch you talk “because it’s so enticing”. You blow him a kiss, “3 more days, Li.” He sighed, looking into your eyes. “Yeah, baby. 3 more long, painful days without you.” 

Zayn: Cause what we got is worth fighting for.
"I don’t think I can do this anymore." you whisper. "Why, no no, why not?" He panicked. Everything was fine, you were fine, he loved you, why?- all these thoughts flooding his head were going to suffocate him. If you left he would surely drown. "I’m just so sad, Zayn… I can’t pretend that I’m happy, and you try so hard and you love me, God knows why…" He scoffed. "I love you because you’re you. I am trying! I’m fighting this so hard! For you! Because I love you and want you in my life forever. Please fight with me. I don’t think I could bear it if you left. I-I know you love me too. Can’t you fight for me, too?" Tears threatened to fall on his beautiful, sculpted face. You stared up into his eyes, sobs wrecking your chest. "Zayn," you grabbed onto his face. "I love you, so much." you spoke through sobs. "I love you too, babe. We can make it, it’s gonna be worth it."

Harry Imagine (Corrinne): Sugar Daddy…

You and Harry were going out for your biweekly date. He had brought you out to a very nice restaurant for lobster. You played with your new diamond necklace as he went on in that deep slow voice. It always seemed to relax you, and watching him so captivated with his own stories was always a major turn on. “It’s scary to think how little I know about my future,” he ended his rant.

“How so,” you grabbed his hand to be assuring, thinking that was what he needed. He smiled down at the contact and took a deep breath studying how they fit together.

“My success has come to me so young. I just feel like I am doing everything backwards. I’ve reached my goals, so now my future will never be able to compare. Most people do it the right way. They work hard when they are younger so they can reach the goal that they have for themselves in the future. Like you, you’re in school so that you can have the success in the future. Your golden years are the big finale.”

You had never really gotten into conversations like this with him so you were a little taken off guard. Your conversations were normally pretty flirty and seemed to have one end goal, or at least were just to have a good time. “News flash, even being in school when you are young, you still have no clue what you want in the future. I think you’re probably more normal than you think, although you are the one who should be giving me advice,” you pointed out since he was significantly older.

“Not true, you’re very smart,” he complemented rubbing your hand. It took you off guard that he was giving complements. “Still I wish that my life would not inevitably be on a downhill slope, I wish I had things to strive for. I wish that there was at least a chance that I could do better,” he let go of your hand and ran his hands through his hair frustrated.

“There is always the potential for improvement Harry. Maybe your success doesn’t need to be measured by money. Maybe it can be measured by happiness and relationships and stuff,” you tried to come up with words to help, but were at a loss for the correct ones to do that. You realized how ironic it sounded coming from a sugar baby.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” the waiter came to collect the bill and he handed it to him indifferent.

“So, you’re probably not feeling up for me coming over tonight then,” you questioned. You were slightly disappointed because you were in the mood, but knew that it would be hard to accomplish with him being flustered.

“No, I want you to spend the night,” he assured you. It was somewhat good news. You were not sure if it was his skill, the comfort level you had reached, or just the fact that it was now part of your routine, but his body was becoming an addiction.

“Okay, then,” you obliged getting up to go. He stood up as well taking your hand to lead you to the door where the limo was waiting.The car ride was pretty silent. Harry still seemed preoccupied with the whole thing. He was just tracing his finger up and down your thigh moving your skirt farther and farther up with each movement.

“Are you sure about this,” you asked concerned and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. You could feel his dimples emerge underneath your lips. “I can go home tonight, we can reschedule for tomorrow or something,” you offered.

“No, I’ve been waiting for this all week,” he admitted turning his head to kiss you on the lips. You tried to suppress your smile, but as you smiled into the kiss he mimicked your lip motion also unable to contain it.

You nodded and let the rest of the ride play out in silence. Once you got to the house you were relieved, at least the awkward silence was over. “I’m going to go change,” you said heading for the bathroom. You had shoved a new outfit in your purse and could not wait to show him.

“Corrinne, can I ask you a question,” he yelled through the bathroom door.

“Of course anything,” you assured him walking out confidently. He was taken off guard for a few moments. You knew him well enough to know which lingerie would have him like putty and he could not hide the fact that it indeed did. He swallowed hard and then made an effort to breathe and look away.

“Um, what are your plans for the future,” he asked once he regained composure.

“Well for the night you!” You placed your hand on your hip being extra flirty with a soft tone. He forced a smile that could never pass as genuine.

“Is the long term different,” he asked nervously.

“Of course it is,” you looked confused and sat down on the couch figuring this was going to be a little more in depth than you anticipated.

“How so,” he pushed for more details.

“I don’t know, I guess I’ve just thought about it in more depth,” you started. He studied you and then sat down beside you.

“Tell me about them,” he pried and you grew nervous.

“Well, I want to get a fulfilling job in my field of study obviously. I would like to get married and have children, and I don’t know just be happy I guess,” you giggled a little.

“And once you get the job I’m out of the picture right,” he asked very monotone.

“Why do you sound upset about that, you knew the arrangements. This was never supposed to be anything long term,” you reminded him.

“It could be,” he blurted out hopefully.

“I’m going to go, you’re clearly not into this tonight,” you stood up to grab your clothing and leave. He grabbed for your arm but you shook him off gathering your clothing.

“Don’t go, here I’ll pay you,” he grabbed a hundred dollar bill out of his wallet and threw it at you.

“What,” you asked as you watched it float to the floor. You took a step back to create distance but he took a step too keeping the gap a consistent closeness.

“You want more, how much for you to stay,” he continued to throw the contents of his wallet.

“Don’t you dare treat me like a prostitute. I don’t like this side of you Harry,” you swatted the money away that he was trying to force into your hand.

“Well you don’t like it when I treat you like a lady, what do I have to do to get you to stay. I don’t care I’ll do it, you want me to beg? I’ll beg. You want a car? Done. Name it, it’s yours.” He could not have known how he was coming off because it was sad to watch.

“I don’t know what I want,” you answered honestly. “The only thing I know is that I’m not having sex with you tonight.” You looked to the pile of money on the floor and your tear plopped on one of the bills.

“I don’t want that I just want you to spend the night, no strings, just sleep in my bed.” You admittedly had maybe grown attached to this man, but you never gave it the chance to cross your mind.

“I can’t stay here, not tonight,” you reached down and picked up the mess he made. “Don’t you ever try to buy me again,” you handed it to him with strength in your voice.

“Have I lost my chance,” he asked after you were clothed and in the doorway.

“There never was a chance Harry, I was never supposed to have to make this decision. This was supposed to be fun, who gave you permission to get attached?”

“I couldn’t help it,” he said distraught. “I love you.”

“Don’t contact me,” you said still shaky from the experience. “I’ll get in touch with you when I’m ready,” you slammed the door before he had time to wallow anymore.

That’s sexy