My Tumblr Crushes:

  1. larryfuckallnight (3%)
  2. memphissbelle (2%)
  3. briandeneeve (2%)
  4. valentinemorgensternsdaughter (2%)
  5. harriesthirst (2%)
  6. meetmeinthetardis-sh (2%)
  7. finntasticjackharries (2%)
  8. asmallsafeplaceinatroublingworld (2%)
  9. justabunchofbritishyoutubers (2%)

Thank you so much!!

harriesthirst replied to your post: Are people really going back and watching videos…

i didnt even think to go and look at the comments on the vids now that might become my new hobby these people are killing me omg

It’s really amusing to see how many people believed it but I mean, it’s just not logical! I don’t understand how people could even slightly start to believe it. Most of the comments on videos with Finn are about him being real, ugh. :c

harriesthirst replied to your post: harriesthirst replied to your post: Should i…
thats so sweet aw:) but i meant you should change yours to fcukmefinn!

Ahahah hmmm idk,all my gif credit would have to be changed

hiii this is a follow forever about my absolute favourite blogs. You guys are perfect human beings, thanks for making my dash so flawless. I love you.<3 Go follow them if you aren’t already, they are gr9. Sorry for my shitty edit haha bye.

(in no particular order)

lustforharries, cheekyjackharries, sexyyoutubeboys, finncity,

cheeky-jackharries, fuckyeaharriestwins, harriesthirst, classyharries,

sassyharries, eyesexwithfinn, naughtyharriestwins, finnsflipflops,

harryharries, jacksgaq, hotcheekybritishtwinsharrieseyes, sirposey

There are alot other great blogs but those are my favourites! <3

harriesthirst replied to your post: Should i change my url to one of them,?
omg im literally in the process of choosing a new name its so hard. i like fcuckmefinn thoughh

You can have it if you like:)