The Vow:Harry&Georgia

BREAKING NEWS: Harry Styles of One Direction in a Coma!

After a terrible accident, the popstar has risked his life saving his girlfriend, Georgia Rose and is now in intensive care at one of the best hospitals around. Harry Styles is in a coma and the boys of One D refuse to continue working until he comes out of it. No one knows if he’ll recover and wake up but sure enough all the Directioners are praying for him, his family is by his side and we all hope that Harry Styles makes a speedy recovery and wakes up soon enough….


That was a few months ago, now all Georgia and the boys did was sit around the hospital, taking turns watching Harry, taking turns holding his hand and cleaning him gently with damp rags. Today though, it was Niall’s turn to watch Harry when the boy moved, Harry had suddenly moved and immediately the Irish lad informed the nurses and called everyone. Georgia was on her way back already but now her walk had turn into a run. She slid down the linoleum floored halls, ignoring the smell of anesthetics she’d become so used to in her long nights at his bedside. The girl flew into the room just before Harry could open his eyes. She stood at the foot of his bed, watching, waiting. Louis stood on her right, Liam on her left, his hand in her’s to keep her steady because she was about to cry, it had felt like ages and she’d prayed so hard and believed he’d wake up. Liam was the first to speak,”Harry, Harry can you hear me mate?” he asked moving away from Georgia’s side. Georgia shifted to sit at Harry’s side and she gently took the boy’s hand in her own,”Hazz…Hazz its me, are you ok?” she asked, stupid question but she didn’t know what else to say.


Harria, papera, guraizea jokora beti irabazten duen robota.

I’m blonde too Harry.

“Oh my god Audrey, seriously how can you start an article like this? No one will take you seriously and our site is gonna go downhill.” Well you know what Carter? I started it like this and it’s done and you all will be informed about Harria, and how I am blonde meaning I can be next in line love. Delilah, Sophia, Audrey. Sounds great! I’m done rambling now. 

So babes! You know us and how we ship everything and anything inbetween. Welcome to the newest ship to hit our hearts, Harria. Also known as Harry and Sophia. Basically we’ve gotten to the point where if Sophia is there with anyone we want them together because we want our blondie to be happy and satisfied. 

Not terribly long ago the two were snapped out shopping in the fair city, doing the makeup thing, Hazkaban doing the smiling and waving for fans, you know how it is. Since then all anyone that has come by our offices has been able to talk about is if they or if they aren’t. And you know, we’d put in what we thought. And everyone was happy because they’re probably in love and hopefully wi;; have nine hundred babies. 

So Sophia darling, what happened? Give us the deets babe! “I was having an off day and Harry came over to cheer me up. It was him who actually suggested going out shopping, which I find extremely sweet because shopping with me can be difficult. He stopped off to take some photos with fans before we went inside - which I found completely adorable. And yeah, we just spent the rest of the day together, enjoying ourselves, enjoying each other’s company.” Okie dokes. Heart, are you in there? Are you still beating? Am I even alive?

After hearing from Sophia we were a little nervous to ask Mr. Styles. But… you know us we need to know his feelings to. So here’s what we got from him, “Ah, well Sophia and I have been having our little flirting sessions when I first came here. We both thought it’d be sort of playful but I turned out really liking her. It was weird to think of it when my breakup was still fresh. Soph has been really supportive and patient about keeping things a secret till I’ve fully recovered. Now that I have, I thought why not show her to the world, right? This was our first public date and I want to really thank everyone for not bothering us too much. It was fun. She’s a great girl — H” 

Soo….  This is a real thing to ship? We can start hanging banners and doing our best to recover from the heartbreak of Helilah? What’s on your minds about this Dubai? Chuck us a little message!